Zend framework 2 action helper?-Collection of common programming errors

Long back ,I have viewed the Presentation of Enrico Zimuel at ZFCon 2012 of Moscow , in you tube , I am not able to find the link for that ,

But I could find his presentation at slide share , below is the link

ZF2 quick start

With in the presentation , Enrico Zimuel suggests a git repository which is hosting a sample application which works as an emulator .

Below is the link for that git repository which is actually a sample ZF1 application migrated to work with ZF2 . It works like an emulator to test ZF2 with ZF1 code.

ZF2 migration prototype

It is a ZF1 migration prototype

It actually

  1. Creates a “Zf1Compat” version of the ZF1 dispatcher as an event listener.
  2. The bootstrap largely mimics how ZF1’s Zend_Application bootstrap works.
  3. The default route utilizes the new ZF2 MVC routing, but mimics what ZF1 provided.

I am posting this just to mention that there is a solution out there for solving the problem of migration which is really good.

This may also help others who needs to migrate, because no one knew that there is a git repository which has this prototype , and I have not seen any blog posting OR SO posting specifying this repository link any where ( I really don’t know why ? ) .

NOTE : –

This only reduces your work of migration you will be loosing lots of advantages of ZF2 and also you can’t really exploit the features of a framework .

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