Why do we climb to the top of mountains?-Collection of common programming errors

That’s the third time I’ve been to the top of Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the british isles. Its getting on for a mile high.

I guess it is about proving your physical fitness really.

  1. To me the only place life makes sense is in the hills. Whether trotting up the Pyg track of Snowdon,being blown about on the Bosses ridge of Mt.Blanc, or standing a stone’s throw from Everest I have never felt so alive when surrounded by such Majesty (the mountains that is)
    In the modern, blurred and undefined world we now live in, that all gets shown as irrelevant drivel it is when its you against the hill.

  2. For the sheer pleasure of being there.

  3. so u can come down DUH

  4. Just to prove to ourselves that we can.

  5. Because its there!

  6. We always want to be faced with challenges, and prove over again we can do it. Besides it’s probably the scenery as well.

  7. I really like the veiw

  8. A disabled guys climbs K2 and almost kills himself, when he comes back down a guys interviews him and asks: Why did you go up there to die !? the guy replies ..

    I didn’t go up there to die, i went up there to live.

  9. because they are there. if they wasnt there then we wouldnt climb them.

  10. i climb mountains to see the view at the top and feel like i have achieved something really big.

  11. for the challenge of conquering a new place and the adventure and the view from the top

  12. As Gary says, “because its there”

  13. Its just for boasters really. I was dragged up many ugly mountains as a child. I never saw the point. I’d much rather be surrounded by living things, trekking through the trees, than posing on top of some barren piece of rock.

  14. Because it’s hard. If it was easy, (excluding being dragged up Everest for the right price) everyone would do it.

  15. because they want to

  16. I climbed Ben Nevis for the first time a few months ago, and it kills on the way up, but when you’ve come down, and your sitting on a beach in nice weather around a fire, then you kinda think, yes I’ve done that, I think that we do it to succeed at a goal, and it feels good to think about what you’ve done.

    Now fell running, that’s something I want to know why…..

  17. Why do we climb to the top of mountains? Because we can go no further.

  18. Because its hard to climb a valley.

  19. here is a thought STOP CLIMBING


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