Undefined error in codeigniter-Collection of common programming errors

I’m building a file uploader that gets IPTC data from the image and inserts it into a db but I keep getting this error:

> A PHP Error was encountered
> Severity: Notice
> Message: Undefined index: 2#120
> Filename: controllers/upload.php
> Line Number: 63

Here’s the line from the controller:

$iptc_description = $iptc["2#120"];

The script works perfectly as it’s supposed to, but it keeps throwing up this error and I can’t figure out why.

  1. Replace that line with (your using the variable before its set):

    $iptc_description = (isset($iptc["2#120"]))?$iptc["2#120"]:null;

    Or if you don’t like one-liners:

    $iptc_description = null;
    if (isset($iptc["2#120"])) {
        $iptc_description = $iptc["2#120"];

Originally posted 2013-11-09 21:06:16.