Trying to get json data with jquery-Collection of common programming errors

i am outputting json data from a php file (example of my output)

{"news":[{"title":"title news example1","content":"blabla bla 1","img":"url"},
{"title":"title news example2","content":"blabla bla 2","img":"url2"},
{"title":"title news example3","content":"blabla bla 3","img":"url3"},
{"title":"title news example4","content":"blabla bla 4","img":"url4"}]}

how can i show all these data to div #news using jquery getjson or get and using each?

  1. This will use jQuery’s append() method to add an h2 and p tag for each article to the #news div. Obviously, you can customize the $.each callback as you need.

    Update the reason for your undefined errors was because the callback for the each() method was missing the index of the array as the first parameter. I updated my example appropriately.

        $.getJSON('uri/to/file.php', function(data) {
          $.each(data['news'], function(i, article){

    ' + article['title'] + '

    ' + article['content'] + ''); }); }); });
  2. I solved it this way, by puttin the content of title and content in a new var, i dont know why the fist way was not working, but this way work perfectly :)

        $.getJSON('file.php', function(data) {
            $.each(data['news'], function(i,row){
            var titulli = row.title;
            var contenti = row.content;

    ' + title + '

    ' + content + ''); }); }); });

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