problem about zos-Collection of common programming errors

  • Jens Bj√∂rnhager
    assembly ibm mainframe zos
    Not finished with this problem In this program an unknown problem causes the assembler to reject the code because of apparently unknown macros, or what looks to the assembly like macros. I’m not sure how to correct this.I’m using the z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator ( link: relevant pdf is at assembly manual is at, but I’m having trouble applying it.Update: I still want to remove the error about “missing macro =DSORG=PS” and I don’t know how to tell the assembler where the base register is (“no base register found”)Another question: Are there any resources for this you know of, particularly ones easy to understand?If you want further information of some kind I’ll be happy to help.TITLE ‘CS 4321 Program #4 by J. Colt Wright’PRINT NOGEN COPY SUBENTRYTITLE ‘PROGRAM 4 80/80 LISTING’PRINT NOGEN COPY2 SUBENTRYWTO ‘PROG4 COPY PROG4 (ASCII) TO COPY (ASCII)’OPEN (INFILE,INPUT)OPEN (OUTFILE,OUTPUT)WTO ‘Files opened successfully’ * LOOP EQU * GET INFILE,IRECORDMVC ORECORD,=CL133′ ‘MVC ORECORD(80),IRECORDPUT OUTFILE,ORECORDB LOOP * EOF EQU *CLOSE (INFILE,,OUTFILE)WTO ‘PROG4 ENDED OK’SUBEXITINFILE DCB DDNAME=INFILE, XDSORG=PS, XRECFM=FT, XLRECL=72, XEODAD=EOF, XMACRF=GM X * OUTFILE DCB DDNAME=OUTFILE, XDSORG=PS, XRECFM=FT, XLRECL=80, XMACRF=PM * IRECORD DC CL72’ ‘ ORECORD DC CL80’ ‘ENDPGM DS DEND COPY20:22:31 PROG4 MZ390 START USING z390 V1.5.05 ON J2SE 1.6.0_26 10/08/11 20:22:31

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