problem about shell-script-Collection of common programming errors

  • Mat
    shell shell-script sed
    For my script I have to read the data from a file. For example I have 2 files: one is a text file, the second is a csv file with 10 columns.What I am trying to do is to read the csv and change the parameters in the first file.Using sed -n to read the data one row at a time and save this in a fileC Using sed “s/&replacefile1param/&readFileC/

  • jasonwryan
    shell shell-script trap
    I wrote a shell script, which includes a step which creates an empty file run_script.lck. Everytime the shell script was called by the cronjob, it will check for the existence of run_script.lck. If the lock is presence, it indicates that is already runn

  • Mikel
    bash shell shell-script solaris
    I have a script similar following one:#!/usr/bin/shvar=”ABC” if [ $var == “ABC” ] thenecho True elseecho False fiAbove code does not work in Solaris Sparc and Solaris X6

  • Robert
    bash ssh shell-script kvm
    I’m trying to run a set of commands on a remote machine, that includes an if statement. I’m using this to shutdown a list of kvm instances. The first line should be fine, but could be prettier, rest needs some help. ssh root@kvmsrv ‘virsh shutdown $host 2> /de

  • slhck
    windows linux bash shell-script text-editing
    I’ve this plain text file that I need to be automatically examined and results written in another plain text file. Note that I’ll use plain text and CSV interchangeably, since CSVs are plain text with common separator between data (commas, tabs, etc).Dat

  • snihalani

  • shantanuo

  • angus

  • angus
    bash shell-script getopts
    When parsing command line arguments with

  • Moorage
    linux shell-script centos-5
    I am getting the databases from mysql and my database name is username_something. I am getting the username an

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