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  • MattiSG
    javascript mootools raphael options
    I’m starting with the Mootools framework. Since I want the code to be reusable, I’m trying to do it with classes. In the code shown below, the intention is to draw a Map using Raphael framework for SVG. The code is working fine, but I’m having problems with the properties that are inside the Options object. var Map = new Class({Implements : [ Options ],pathsArr: {},Options: {canvas: {container: ‘map’,cheight: 500,cwidt

  • phils
    shell emacs command-line elisp options
    Inspired by Stack Overflow question Idomatic batch processing of text in Emacs? I tried out an Emacs shell script with the following headline:#!/usr/bin/emacs –script I put some Emacs Lisp code in it,

  • user2113095
    python options finance
    I am trying to finish this code, but I keep getting an unknown error message. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. Sorry, I am new to python!I would appreciate any help!!import math

  • heavy rocker dude
    c# python r yahoo options
    I am trying to run a R script from: Description at: am new at R but I get a r

  • user2113661
    bash parameters options flags getopt
    I am creating a BASH script and working with the BASH getopt command to parse command line arguments. Instead of returning the arguments provided on the command line, getopt returns the arguments that were supplied to the getopt command. I am not sure what could be going on, as the code that I have was working perfect, and seemingly out of nowhere, it has stoped working correctly (and no, I haven’t updated anything or changed any code or environment settings). I can’t use getopts (with the extra ‘s’) because it is, for some unknown reason, not installed on the machine that will be running this script.Even though the script is supplied with zero command line arguments, the getopt command is for some reason returning all of the arguments that I have supplied, minus the -o flag, instead of the expected — value indicating the end of the options. The code that I have is as follows:SHORT_OPTS=”:hvso:l:d:n:p:t:” LONG_OPTS=”help,version,submit-job,output:,library:,job-dir:” LONG_OPTS=”${LONG_OPTS},num-nodes:,num-procs:,max-time:” OPTS=$(getopt -o “${SHORT_OPTS}” -l “${LONG_OPTS}” -a -n “${PROG_NAME}” — “${@}”

  • kanna
    gcc build options
    I tried building gcc-4.5.2 from sources on a Debian 64-bit machine. I ended up having just 64 bit version of the compiler but no 3

  • raxacoricofallapatorius
    options coding-style upvalues
    I’d like to add an option to a built-in function that only applies when it is given an argument of a certain form.For example, something like this approach to extending DateString to support an extra option when it is given a date argument that matches the form zoned[…] (forget that zoned does nothing here):

  • Sjoerd C. de Vries
    options parsing
    Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 1}, pp -> 0]Gives as expected:Plot::optx: Unkno

  • Daryl
    jquery variables themes settings options
    Creating this theme, I’m pretty new to jquery and struggling as usual.Just watched this tutorial and decided to have a shot at making my own theme settings to simplify customization.This is what i hav

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    php arrays forms wordpress options
    How can i update_option in wordpress from this: everything i do seems to not work, i must be missing something simple.$l1teams = array(1=>”Caterham-Renault”,2=>”Ferrari

  • Byron
    c++ compiler-errors global options identifier
    I have a fairly simple C++ code that doesn’t seem to be compiling properly. Essentially, I have some globally defined functions declared in my GLOBAL.HPP file, and are defined in my GLOBAL.CPP file. Then I have a class, EuroOption, that consists of a struct datamember. The class EuroOption has its own member functions that essentially do the same exact thing that the global functions do–so I defined them similarly, and just called global functions inside of the EuroOption member function definitions. Please see below:// //GLOBAL.HPP //#ifndef GLOBAL_HPP #define GLOBAL_HPP#include #include #include #include // For non-member functions of distributionsusing namespace std; //using namespace boost::math;namespace GLOBAL // Encapsulate Point in the Global namespace {struct EuroOptionData {double r; // Interest ratedouble sig; // V

  • Jacob
    daemon options varnish
    When using inline C with Varnish I’ve not been able to get /etc/varnish/default to be happy at start up.I’ve tested inline C with varnish for two things: GeoIP detection and Anti-Site-Scraping functions.The DAEMON_OPTS always complains even though I’m following what other seem to indicate works fine.My problem is that this command line start up works: varnishd -f /etc/varnish/varnish-default.conf -s file,/var/lib/varnish/varnish_storage.bin,512M -T -a -p ‘cc_command=exec cc -fpic -sha

  • Andrey Vihrov
    miktex options
    In running MiKTeXWhat is the differenc

  • Michael
    mysql c api options handle
    I am using the handle_options function in a client program written in C that is using the MySQL API. Considering there is no actual reference to this function (to my knowledge) except the book ‘MySQL’ (or something) written by Du

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  • HaggarTheHorrible
    c gcc makefile linker options
    I’m writing software for a Cortex-A8 processor and I have to write some ARM assembly code to access specific registers. I’m making use of the gnu compilers and related tool chains, these tools are installed on the processor board(Freescale i.MX515) with Ubuntu. I make a connection to it from my host PC(Windows) using WinSCP and the PuTTY terminal.As usual I started with a simple C project having main.c and functions.s. I compile the main.c using GCC, assemble the functions.s using as and link the generated object files using once again GCC, but I get strange errors during this process.An important finding -Meanwhile, I found out that my assembly code may have some issues because when I individually assemble it using the command as -o fu

  • eco
    javascript html select options
    Below is the following code that works perfectly for dynamic loading of a select drop down. The code is called in the documents ready function to pre-load data into a page. The code works just fine. However, I got puzzled over the fact that it se

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