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    javascript optional-parameters
    Here is my object construction,function Employee(name, dob) {this.Name = name;this.DateOfBirth = new Date(dob);}Now, I ha

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    c# parameters xna optional-parameters xbox
    Apparently optional parameters won’t work in C# Xna when used on the Xbox, there non suportedness is stated during compilation.I have a situation like this:func(float? a = null, int? b = null)With large numbers of thease optional parameters that default to the “undefined” value, nul

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    javascript optional-parameters
    I created a function like this:window.SetUploader = function(action, elementID, multiple, allowedExtensions) {//Optional argumentsif (actionUploader == null) {actionUpl

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    javascript optional-parameters default-parameters
    Is there a JavaScript module that makes it easy to map arguments to parameters? Here is how I envision it working:var arguments = assignArguments(arguments, ‘p1’, ‘p2’, [{‘p3′: 0},’p4’], {‘p5’: ‘unknown’});Within a function, you would call this to generate an objec

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