problem about module-pattern-Record and share programming errors

  • Najeeb K
    javascript module-pattern
    here is my code var s; var AddEvent = {settings : {saveButton : $(‘#uploadfiles1’),cancelSpeech : $(‘.cancelSpeech’),datePicker : $(“.datepicker”),eventName : $(‘input[name=eventname]’),eventDate : $(‘input[name=eventdate]’)},init:function(s){s = this.settings;this.BindEvents();$(‘.Wallpapers’).addClass(‘active’);$(‘input, textarea’).placeholder();},BindEvents:function(){this.CancelButton();this.DatePicker();// this.SaveB

  • mu is too short
    javascript module-pattern
    Is there a way to have a public function from the module-pattern accessing private variables dynamically? test1 shows what I mean with “access dynam

  • pc1oad1etter
    javascript constructor module-pattern
    I have begun writing my ‘class’ type JavaScript functions like the Module Pattern or Revealing Module patten. This avoids the use of ‘new’ and allows me to define which functions are public in a sing

  • Viktor
    javascript prototypal-inheritance module-pattern
    I’m trying to get a grip on “OOP” JavaScript techniques, and I began writing a small test application today. Basically, it’s a game loop and on each update coordinates are to be increased so that an HTML element moves.The problem is I want to be able to run more than one instance of the app, and the

  • Patrioticcow

  • Silician75
    javascript module-pattern
    What happens if I declare two variables with the same name and scope?var foo = (function() {return {alertMe: function() {a

  • tieTYT
    javascript coffeescript global-variables module-pattern
    I just learned about the module pattern. I’ve written some code that’s gotten sufficiently complex that I want to test a feature. The problem is, I can’t figure out how to mock out a value. What follows is coffeescript, but I’ll put the generated javascript below so I can get more help. Here’s my test that attempts to mock out a field named state, but it always prints “undefined”:root = exports ? t

  • Queequeg
    javascript module-pattern
    I want to have private properties in an object. The following code doens’t work:var GameModule = (function(ns){function Game(ctx) {var self = this, //use self in callback

  • Mikael S.
    javascript jquery namespaces module-pattern
    I was reading How Good C# Habits can Encourage Bad JavaScript Habits article about creating namespace and modular pattern but I don’t understand the reason to use $ and jQuery to cre

  • Mike Lewis
    javascript jquery document.ready module-pattern
    Typically, you don’t start querying the DOM until the $(document).ready(). In both of the options below, the Widget is declared (and the elements are queried) outside of the $(document).ready(). Is this OK?

  • Bobby B

  • chobo2
    javascript jquery ajax design-patterns module-pattern
    I am trying to convert some javascript/jquery code to be able to handle ajax tabs.I have all my scripts load up when the pages loads up and I use jquery live and livequery plugin to help with the binding.Each time is in a partial view( mvc 3) and when clicked goes to a controller action and renders the partial view and sticks it in the tab.So the live and livequery are solving most of the problems except for this one problem. I am using the jquery plugin and once it renders that I store it in a variable and use it places.The thing is since I am using the module pattern the code runs long before the table is even rendered. So the variable storing the objec

  • Mytho
    javascript design-patterns crockford module-pattern
    After doing some reading about the Module Pattern, I’ve seen a few ways of returning the properties which you want to be public. One of the most common ways is to declare your public properties and methods right inside of the “return” statement, apart from your private properties and methods. A similar way (the “R

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