problem about jsdom-Collection of common programming errors

  • HP.
    jquery node.js npm cloudfoundry jsdom
    I have some node.js code using jsdom and I need jquery.min.js file for backend css selector stuffs. Things ran fine locally but if I deploy using vmc push on, it gave me 502 Bad Gateway nginxI assume I have to declare all dependencies in package.json like here, I don’t know how to include jquery.min.js. Right now it is in /lib folder and not /node_modules folder (because it’s not a node module).Can someone help me on how to include the right dependencies and other extra .js files for Cloud Foundry?UPDATE 1: Here is my code after removing bunch of things. If I commenting out the jsdom.env, there is no error.var port = (process.env.VMC_APP_PORT || 3000); var host = (process.env.VCAP_APP_HOST || ‘localhost’); var http = require(‘http’);var reques

  • Nathan
    javascript parsing node.js jsdom
    I’m new to node, and looking to extract javascript info from the following example page:contrived.html:This is a contrived example var filenames = new Array()filenames[filenames.length] = “”;filenames[filenames.length] = “”;filenames[filenames.length] = “”;filenames[filenames.length] = “”;filenames[filenames.length] = “”;function pixplosion_Content(){var eElement = document.getElementById(‘idLo

  • Maros Hluska
    javascript node.js httprequest scrape jsdom
    I want to programatically find a list of URLs for similar images given an image URL. I can’t find any free image search APIs so I’m trying to do this by scraping Google’s Search by Image.If I have an image URL, say http://i

  • Bee Wilkerson
    javascript mocha jsdom chai
    I have some single page demos like this one here: thought, wow, it would be super awesome if could write some tests in my existing mocha chai badness setup to test the examples directly like so:example = ‘forms/formmode_demo.html’describe “examples/#{example}”, () ->before (done) ->loadExample example, () => done()it ‘should load in full input mode’, () ->window.$(‘input’).length.should.equal 2describe “in full input mode”, () ->it ‘shou

  • smorhaim
    node.js jsdom
    Trying to use jsdom under nodejs and receiving this error:[Error: socket hang

  • Micha
    node.js jsdom
    JSDOM version : 0.6.5 Cloud IDE environmentIssue observed: Creating an empty Window and then attaching an event handler fails with exception trace:TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Node’ of undefinedat Object.DOMWindow.addEventListener (/home/action/workspace/Projects/nodejs/node_module

  • Trindaz
    debugging node.js sysadmin jsdom
    My node application works fine on my macbook, but when I publish to our servers on Rackspace I get the following error which I’ve never seen before (sensitive paths replaced with […]):[…]/node_modules/jsdom/node_modules/contextify/lib/contextify.js:7var ctx =

  • jerluc
    javascript jquery node.js serverside-javascript jsdom
    The code below is just a small snippet from my server.js file just to run the test provided by the jsdom documentation.var window = jsdom.jsdom().createWindow(); jsdom.jQueryify(window, ‘./jq.min.js’ , function() {console.log(‘inside’);window.$(‘body’).append(‘

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