problem about gmaps4rails-Collection of common programming errors

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    stack details ruby 1.9.2p180, rails 3.0.9, gmaps4rails 1.0.2, jquery.json-2.3.min.jsBackground I am a newbie to gmaps4rails and really like the gem. All is working well so far, but I am trying to update markers dynamically for the first time. I am doing the following in application.js:var markers_json = $.toJSON(markers_ar

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    In try to use gmaps4rails in my ActiveAdmin / Rails app. To do so, I have added the following in my Gemfile:gem ‘gmaps4rails’and ran a “bundle”. I updated the ‘show’ method in app/admin/device.rb file with:show do attributes_table dorow :nameend# Get device location@markers = Location.all.to_gmaps4r

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    I have gotten the entire map to display correctly with no issues. However, the map always loads at coordinates of 0,0. I know I’m passing the longitude and latitude correctly as well.Here’s the printed json which the gmaps4rails method receives:[{“lat”:40.7142,”lng”:74.0064}]Below is also the code used in various areas of production…VIEW

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