problem about getscript-Collection of common programming errors

  • froadie
    jquery getscript
    I need to use a javascript function from an external js file inside another js file. This is basically the code I’ve tried:$.getScript(‘

  • Jamie Hartnoll
    jquery cookies getscript jquery-cookie
    I am trying to create a session deletion method for cookies on logout.Cookies with a certain start key need to be deleted, so I have made a little javascript that works.Trying to keep all my Logout code in one place, I am trying to added the Javascript dynamically. In my Code Behind, I am doing the following:Dim logoutJS As String = “”logoutJS += “function loadJQuery(callback) { “logoutJS += “var addJquery = document.createElement(‘script’); ” ‘// add jQuery to documentlogoutJS += “addJquery.onload = callback; “logoutJS += “addJquery.src = ‘

  • Industrial
    jquery backbone.js eval getscript
    I have thought a lot about how I should include files in my backbone.js-application. In production, I am obviously going to join my files and minimize them to keep requests at a minimum, but during development, it would be nice to just have all

  • Karem
    jquery youtube-api getscript
    Im trying to get the callback from this:$.getScript( ‘’, function(data) {alert(data); });But the alert just returns alert with “undefined” ? And I also tried:$.getScript( ‘ht

  • TorbenL
    jquery getscript
    i execute a javascript with jQuery $.ge

  • Orlando
    jquery getscript
    We use $.getScript(url, callback) all over the place. In troubleshooting very occasional undefined errors, i noticed this from the jQuery documentation:

  • user1437779
    javascript jquery jquery-load getscript
    I’ve seen many topics on this site about using jquery load and loading the script the in the html fragment. I, unfortunately, have not been able to get any of these methods (getscript) to work. Here is the c

  • Iscariot
    javascript jquery getscript
    By Default $.getScript() disables caching and you can use $.ajaxSetup and set caching to true. When testing if the script is actually c

  • Jerry
    jquery getscript
    Hi All:I want to use getScript to load a js file. after load js, I want to get the varaible that def

  • davidlee
    jquery getscript
    I have included external js file using getSc

  • Lightness Races in Orbit
    javascript jquery google-maps-api-3 getscript
    I have a little button on my page that should load a google map. Since I want my page to load really fast and this feature is not actually necessary I don’t want to embed the google maps API script on page-load. I just want to load it when the button is actually clicked.I tried using the jquery $.getScript() method, however if I’m using the code above I’m getting a blank page. The page starts loading and as soon as my javascript file gets executed the

  • qodeninja
    jquery ajax wait getscript
    Basically what I’m doing is checking for the existence of an object, if it’s not found, the script will try to load the source file using getScript. I only want to check this once thou

  • BumbleBee
    jquery html getscript
    In in my Visual studio I have a folder called Scripts and I am trying to call an external JS file from another external JS file. I couldn’t make it work.jquery.fileupload-ui.jsfunction GetAsgnInfo() {$.getScript(“Scripts/ServiceProxy.js”, function () {invoke(“GetAsgnInfo”,{ id: $(“#IAsgnId”).val() }, fnSuccess, onPageError);});function fnSuccess(data) {// alert(typeof (data));// alert(data);var newData = (data.hasOwnProperty(“d”) ? data.d : data)if (!jQuery.isEmptyObject(newData)) {$(“span[id *= LUploadedCount]”).text(data[0].UploadedCount);}}function onP

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