problem about ejs-Record and share programming errors

  • chovy

  • Birowsky
    javascript ejs
    How do I make JST parameter

  • RKV
    json ejs
    I have json data in the following format{“updates”:{“message” :”[[student:123]] is present.”},”references”

  • Costa
    node.js express ejs
    I’m creating a simple website with nodejs using the express framework, couchdb for a database and EJS for templating. There will be times when s


  • Andrew
    node.js mongodb express mongoose ejs
    I saved few datasets to MongoDB using mongoose.js. But I got a problem with displaying them on an html site using express.js and ejs.Here is my scenario:Modelvar mongoose = require(‘mongoose’);var Schema = mongoose.Schema; var ObjectId = Schema.ObjectId;var It

  • Aashay Desai
    node.js express ejs
    On the EJS github page, there is one and only one simple example: seems to be checking for the existence of a variable named user, and if it exists, do some stuff. Duh, right?My question is, why in the world would Node throw a ReferenceError if the user variable doesn’t exist? This renders the above example useless. What’s the appropriate way to check for th

  • Four_lo
    javascript html ejs
    I am trying to reuse a a view in EJS. It just creates a list of the results of a database query. My code is


  • pvorb
    javascript node.js undefined ejs
    What is the best way to check for an undefined property in an ejs template?(I’m using the node.js package by TJ Holowaychuk)Example:var tpl = ‘foo definedfoo undefined

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