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  • Peter Mortensen
    code-security dynamic-languages government
    I know some people that are currently working on a project for the US military (low security level, non-combat human resources type data).An initial state of the project code was submitted to the military fo

  • Yar
    With Java on one side and Ruby/Groovy on the other, I know that in the second camp I’m free to make typos which will not get caught until run-time.

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  • Felix Kling
    javascript dynamic-languages
    Hi I am very new to javascript. i have been given the task to create a javascript framework to load multiple e-learning module and make them interact with each other via xml.I am using a method of inheritance as shown below.Base class EventDispatcher:(function (window) {var EventDispatcher = function () {this._listeners = [];}var p = EventDispatcher.prototype;p._listeners = [];p.addListener = function (type, listener, scope) {scope = (typeof scope !== “undefined”) ? scope : this;if (typeof this._listeners[type] == “undefined”) {this._listeners[type] = [];}this._listeners[type].push({listener: listener,scope: scope});}p.removeListener = function (type, listener) {if (this._listeners[type] instanceof Array) {var listeners = this._listeners[type];for (var i = 0, len = listeners.length; i < len; i++) {if (listeners[

  • Joel Coehoorn
    Hypothetic and academic question.pseudo-code:class Book{read(theReader) }

  • Kyle C
    language-agnostic dynamic-languages
    Ruby has “method_missing”, Tcl has “unknown”, and most highly dynamic languages have an equivalent construct that is invoked when an undefined method is called. It makes perfect sense to add such functionality; something needs to happen, and there’s no reaso

  • Matt Fenwick
    javascript dynamic-languages prototype-oriented
    I’m not that in to dynamic programming languages but I’ve written my fair share of JavaScript code. I never really got my head around this prototype-based programming, does any one know how this works? var obj = new Object(); obj.prototype.t

  • James Black
    specifications dynamic-languages
    With the growth of dynamically typed languages, as they give us more flexibility, there is the very likely probability that people will write programs that go beyond what the specification allows.My thinking was influenced by this question, when I read the answer by bobince: basic thought is that splice, in Javascript, is specified to be used in only certain situations, but, it can be used in others, and there is nothing that the language can do to stop it, as the lang

  • kangax
    javascript design oop interface dynamic-languages
    I suppose this could apply to any dynamic language, but the one I’m using is JavaScript. We have a situation where we’re writing a couple of controls in JavaScript that need to expose a Send() function which is then called

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