problem about dhtmlx-Collection of common programming errors

  • Amit
    javascript scheduler dhtmlx
    I am using dhtmlx scheduler.I want to set a custom time on select box change event in light box.for eg.I am having services in

  • aggaton jscript dhtmlx
    I have a Grid where Smart Rendering is enabled, one of the operations on that Grid require that I locate several rows that have the same value in a particular column.Columns are not necessaril

  • user2527646
    I’d like to maintain page location while click onto header. But if I’m in page 5 and click onto header then page location changed to 1 page. (sort is perfect) I want maintain my page location if I click onto header in page 5, still maintain location 5 page and sorting is perfectly.I think this is not enough to explain my situation. So I post my development environmentI’m using struts2 and mysql. and here’s my javascript.function fnGridInitSW(){ swgrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘swGridBox’); swgrid.setImagePath(“../../../common/img/dhtmlx/grid/”); swgrid.setHeader(“SoftWareName, company, version, Install_date”); swgrid.setColumnIds(“COL_1″+”,COL_2″+”,COL_3″+”,COL_4″ ); swgrid.setInitWidthsP(“25,25,25,*”); swgrid.setColTypes(“ro,ro,ro,ro”); swgrid.setColSorting(“str,str,str,str”

  • closure
    javascript jquery dhtmlx
    This is my xml for the grid: 101 some name 917 I get it as via Ajax.In the su

  • Alex dhtmlx
    I have problems and questions about this scheduler. I already tried to build and almost finished it. Although, I receive some errors…What I do?I create custom lightbox mapping all the data in to table dbo.bEvent I used custom eventbox like this : Sc

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