problem about denormalized-Collection of common programming errors

  • sinkoman
    c++ double undefined behavior denormalized
    EDIT: Problem solved! Sorry guys, I feel stupid now.So first of all, I was mistaken about seeing the bad data going out on the serial port. I WAS seeing bad data, but it was actually from the INTEGER, NOT the doubles. Then, after doing a few more tests, I noticed that the bad data from the integer wasn’t actually random, but actually the correct data in scientific notation.Went back into class for xAxis, and realized I didn’t have an overloaded method for an integer type, so I was trying to push a square peg through a round hole.Thanks for help, sorry for wasting time!This one’s been driving me mad all day. Basically, I have a set of static doubles which are changing in value when they are passed to a specific method.Method in questionlong DriveController:

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