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    I have been reading a lot about Haskell lately, and the benefits that it derives from being a purely functional language. (I’m not interested in discussing monads for Lisp) It makes sense to me to (at least logically) isolate functions with side-effects as much as possible. I have used setf and other destructive functions plenty, and I reco


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    computer-science compilers
    Is it possible to define variables dynamically? Last night I was writing some code (C and VB2010) and I ran into a problem related to defining variables in my program. The variables needed d

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    unit-testing computer-science
    Ok, let’s assume that I have a function that checks to see which is the most repeated number in a given array. This functio

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    java computer-science variable-assignment
    I will be teaching my first university level Computer Science course this summer, and I’m currently working on coming up with ideas for fun assignments that the students will complete. The course is the second in the program, covering analysis of algori

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    javascript computer-science
    I’m just reading JavaScript: The Definitive Guide by David Flanagan. I’m really enjoing and I’m happy my first Javascript book is this one. :)However, I can’t make much sense of this paragraph (3.7 Immutable Primitive Values and Mutable Object References):There is a fundamental difference in JavaScript between primitive values (undefined,

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    A lot of programming languages and frameworks do/allow/require something that I can’t seem to find the name for, even though there probably is one in computer science. What they basically do is bind to a variable/object/class/function by name. Flex example (“selectAll()”):Mate example (“price”):

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