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    javascript browser-compatibility anonymous-function
    I was just trying to learn and understand jQuery source code (so far with little success X_X) in order to improve my JavaScript skills. As my understand of JavaScript increases I came up with this little logging/debugging tool. As of my level of JavaScript I am posting the code here for people to judge and audit. So potentially I can learn from the comments made. Can someone please point out potential issues, improvements? I tried to encapsulate the console implementation and map it to wind

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    javascript browser-compatibility
    Is this considered to be a JS bug in IE? Please check the following functionfunction select_deselect_all_items(status){select_deselect_items_under_panel(status, $(‘myPanel’));panel = $(‘myPanel’);var items = panel.getElementsByTagName(‘input’);for

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    javascript wpf browser-compatibility
    When I load an HTML page into a WPF Frame element, it runs the JavaScript differently than if I load the same page into a Web browser like IE. Why is that, and is there any way to make Frame’s behavior match the browser’s?If I load the following HTML into a Web browser:

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