problem about bit-shift-operators-Collection of common programming errors

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    c bit-shift-operators
    I got the following code:int main(int argc, ch

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    c bit-shift-operators
    This question already has an answer here:Unexpected C/C++ bitwise shift operators outcome5 answersOn Visual Studio compiling following C code , th

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    c++ undefined-behavior bit-shift-operators
    I’m confused by something I read in the Shift Operators section of an article on undefined C++ behavior.On the ARM architecture, the shift operators always behave as if they take place in a 256-bit pattern space, regardless of the operand size–that is, the pattern repeats, or “wraps around”, only every 256 positions. Another way of thinking of this is that the pattern is shifted the specified number of posi

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    c++ gcc c++11 bit-shift-operators
    The following code outputs 0,1,32,33. Which is counter intuitive to say the least. But if I replace the literal 1 with the type annonated constant “ONE”, the loop runs fine.This is with gcc 4.6.2 and -std=c++0x.#inclu

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    c bit-shift-operators
    Look at this sample C code (extracted a test case as an example):main() {unsigned long a, b;int c;c = 32;a =

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    c++ bit-shift-operators
    I’m working with gcc 4.4.5, and have some difficulties in understanding the right shift operator on plain simple unsigned valu

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