I was wondering about getting tattoos over scars?-Collection of common programming errors

  • Any tattooist worth his salt likes a challenge. Scars can be incorporated into kick-*** designs that are necessarily one-of-a-kind. I can’t think of anyone or have I talked with anyone that is into skin art that would disagree with me on that. However – I have encountered health dept. personnel that pointed out to me certain rules of conduct that forbids tattooing on scars, birthmarks, and other (undefined) skin anomalies. I don’t really think that the scar-tattoo-ink police would chase anybody down the boulevard so I do what my artistic muse tells me as far as what’s in front of me that I’m creating a piece on.

  • I know 100% exactly what you are talking about. I’m a cutter and I use tattoos to try and a) remind me not to cut and b) as an alternative to actually cutting. I have 2 tattoos over my scars so far (neither of which are to actually cover up the scars) and it is totally fine. Things you need to think about are how old the scars are (newer ones may not have healed enough to tattoo over without tearing) and also why type of scars they are. A couple of mine are so wide and deep that they may take decades to heal enough to tattoo over. Here is a pic of my tattoo over the scars on my forearm, and as you can see, you can hardly see the scars underneath.


    Oh, and before you get it done, talk to your tattoo artist and talk about their practices for tattooing over scars. It does make it a little more tricky to do as the skin is uneven so my advice is to pick a very experienced tattooist.

  • it’s a good idea,yes.some kind of sleeve,maybe,on each arm,even tho i will associate sleeves on a 30 to 40 years old geezer.If you can get a good design,i think it would be worth it.

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