How do I fix this error “TypeError: 'Undefined' object is not callable” in openerp 7 webkit report?-Collection of common programming errors

I’ve tried everything I know with the amount_to_text function in a webkit report but I’m simply getting nowhere. I’ve looked at the check writing module and duplicated it as much as I can but still no results. I’m using webkit instead of rml and I’m not sure if this makes a difference in v7 because the same code works fine in 6.1. Any help would be hugely appreciated

This is the code from the .py file:

import time
from report import report_sxw
from osv import osv     
from openerp.osv import osv,fields
from import _
from import amount_to_text

class tax_receipt(report_sxw.rml_parse):
    def __init__(self, cr, uid, name, context):
        super(tax_receipt, self).__init__(cr, uid, name, context=context)
            'time': time,
            'uid': uid,
            'amount_to_text': amount_to_text,


# vim:expandtab:smartindent:tabstop=4:softtabstop=4:shiftwidth=4:

The excerpt from the mako file looks like this:

The sum of **${ amount_to_text(inv.amount) }**

when I try to generate the report, I get:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenERP 7.0\Server\server\openerp\addons\report_webkit\", line 266, in create_single_pdf

File "mako\template.pyc", line 302, in render

File "mako\runtime.pyc", line 660, in _render

File "mako\runtime.pyc", line 692, in _render_context

File "mako\runtime.pyc", line 718, in _exec_template

File "memory:0x4a2d6d0", line 78, in render_body
${ amount_to_text(inv.amount) }

TypeError: 'Undefined' object is not callable

Thank you.

Originally posted 2013-11-09 21:07:14.