Good user feedback retrieval services for mobile devices?-Collection of common programming errors

I would like to know if are there good user feedback retrieval services available for mobile devices that you are aware of.

Ideally there must be an SDK for any major platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, etc.) which you can include in your own projects and you are good to go.

What are you guys using for your own projects?

Thank you.

  1. This isn’t “feedback” in the traditional sense, but I have heard good things about and I’m looking into using it for my own app. Basically, it means you’ll get reports when your app crashes from unhandled exceptions.

  2. You should check Instabug ( it is what you’re looking for.

    In-app feedback/bug reporting with screenshot and a smooth UX. It shows a screenshot for the user to annotate and draw on and captures all the devices details in the background.

    It’s free as well!

    PS. I do work there, let me know if you need any help.

  3. Don’t know yet how useful they are, plus expensive, but they do cover everything from web to iOS to android – It’s more of a big company solution I think. We use them, no clue how much it costs.

Originally posted 2013-11-26 18:03:30.