File::Find::Rule::LibMagic: Is it ok to keep options with undefined values?-Record and share programming errors

There should be no problem in having maxdepth set to undef by using a variable with undef as its value. Every variable in Perl starts out with the undef value.

More Details

File::Find::Rule::LibMagic extends File::Find::Rule. The find function in File::Find::Rule starts with:

sub find {
    my $object = __PACKAGE__->new();

The new functions returns:

bless {
    rules    => [],
    subs     => {},
    iterator => [],
    extras   => {},
    maxdepth => undef,
    mindepth => undef,
}, $class;

Note that maxdepth by default is set to undef.

Originally posted 2013-08-31 05:58:09.