Do you think our brains emmit some sort of communication invisible waves?-Collection of common programming errors

Im shure you all had a expierence where your singing a song in your head then you accidently slipped a lyric and then your friend says i was singing that song in my head! Lol if not you might of had something similar to that. Well tell your thoughts about this.

  1. There is a fundamental reason we cannot communicate mind to mind. Within our minds everything we experience is necessarily interpreted before we recognize it – memory (animal or computer) cannot work with undefined symbols. That means your perception of a song and another’s perception of it is not the same; you would not recognize his memory of the song. That is especially evident in our tastes – you may hate the song and he may like it.

  2. It IS TRUE that brain overate by electric signals from nerve to nerve. collectively commonly called brain waves they can be recorded easily by electrical instruments THEY DO NOT send and receive electro-magnetic waves like radio or light the is a very advanced physics called Quantum Mechanics that suggests strange events can happen but there is NO evidence of what you suggest.

    what you describe is coincidence or the fact you both heard the same popular song

  3. I don’t pretend to understand it or explain it but there have been times when I felt someone looking at me. It has happened enough and proved to be true that it makes me believe there is something.

    Note: There are many senses that we have discovered recently. It hasn’t been so long ago that we discovered magnetic senses in many animals. Bees have a sense of electromagnetism so that they can determine if static electricity is on a flower. Once they land on a flower, the flower releases its static charge so bees will avoid landing on flowers that other bees visited in the last few hours. I grew up in the woods. I am a scientist. I know there is no known mechanism for feeling someone looking at you but I know what that feeling is. I have felt it before and it wasn’t sound or sight, that I am sure of. I can’t explain it. I don’t blame others for being skeptical but they shouldn’t pretend to know things they don’t IMO.

  4. I’d say NO.. I’m 60-yrs. old.. I’ve looked at psychic types of abilities../ What you’re suggesting is difficult because of the lack of connection.. But..body language does surpass that difficulty.. Also–the mere fact..of chance.. Also that we live in a mechanical/state.. Our minds are in many ways–acting like a mechanical..contraption../

    …using the chance–that numbers will repeat themselves../

  5. No. No electrical or magnetic waves, nothing from the electromagnetic spectrum, has ever been detected as emanating from the human brain. To detect brain waves you need electrodes in direct contact with the head, and they are at very very low levels.

  6. By your grammar I can guess you’re about 12. And no, that’s impossible.

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