Bootstrap modal popup not working properly in aspx-Collection of common programming errors

i have this button B1 (say) when i click on this B1 a modal popup appears with buttons / links

when i click the button / link a new popup should appear but i dont get the Modal window but i do get the values in firebug

Here is the code to the Button B1


which then calls this modal popup which contains the content from the div divB1Market




The code below is the link / content inside the divB1Market

Link here

which inturn calls the ajax call

PlayerMP.getFunctionDetails = function (type, UserID, SessionID, SessionNo) {
    type: "GET",
    url: PlayerMP.URL,
    data: "rt=4&type=" + type + "&UserID=" + UserID + "&SessionID=" + SessionID + "&SessionNo=" + SessionNo,
    success: function (FinancialSplitsJS) {
        if (FunctionalSplitsJS.indexOf("SessionExpired=1", 0) == -1) {

            switch (type) {
                case 1:

                    $("#divFunctionalsSplit").show();        /* calling the div with this id in the aspx page */
            window.location.href = "../Login.aspx?SessionExpired=1";

This is the modal-popup content in the aspx page




This is what i get when i openup firebug and hover around with my cursor

But when i try to debug the code with firebug i get the responses (in the console) perfectly. I'm not able to figure out where the error might be.

This is the order of my importing the packages (posted this because i got this error while using )


Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method 'modal'

  1. All I needed to add was jQuery.noConflict(); before $('#divID').modal('show') it had to something to do with with other plugins conflicting.

  2. It would appear that the id of your modal is getting overwritten by ASP. It changes from #B1Market to #divFunctionalSplit. I assume your button still has an href of #B1Market. Simple solution would be to change the href to match the div id. Better solution would be to prevent ASP from replacing the id.

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