Access facebook json reponse object-Collection of common programming errors

I have an json reponse from facebook like this picture.

This is the way i tried to access the likes count[0].likes.count but it kept showing undefined error and i also tried to access comments object like this[0].comments.length it showed the same error. I am stuck here anyone could help me out?

This is my used code to get json

var fburl = ",comments,likes,source,link,message)&access_token=CAACEdEose0cBAFOZAdI3zIOmKwkCi2tUZCAl2tpuIyh3WuE5B4njTviyzk4msgZCnKBVTNuXh2FQTf4XkfatgVHYer43TTw2kqV2vxHsjNbjbjiUPKToBrCpUP6ZBhVbr00GQTqjcCynzdGHHObe8OwYK7UMXLcZD";
      var data;

Originally posted 2013-11-09 20:01:53.