Semantic is a UI framework designed for theming.

Key Features

  • 50+ UI elements
  • 3000 + CSS variables
  • 3 Levels of variable inheritance (similar to SublimeText)
  • Built with EM values for responsive design
  • Flexbox friendly


Recommended Install

npm install semantic-ui  # Use themes, import build/watch tasks into your own gulpfile.

For details on how work with Semantic theming please read our customization guide on

Additional Versions

Check out our integration wiki for more options.

Browser Support

  • Last 2 Versions FF, Chrome, IE 10+
  • Safari 6
  • IE 9+ (Browser prefix only)
  • Android 4
  • Blackberry 10

Browser prefixes are present for Internet Explorer 9, but the browser is not officially supported.



  • Chinese A Chinese mirror site is available at
  • Right-to-Left (RTL) An RTL version can be created using our build tools by selecting rtl from the install script
  • Translation To help translate see the Wiki Guide for translations


Places to Help

Pull Requests

When adding pull requests be sure to merge into next branch. If you need to demonstrate a fix in next release, you can use this jsfiddle

Reaching Out

If you’d like to start a conversation about Semantic feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]