problem about windows-server-2003-r2-Collection of common programming errors

  • utunga
    iis windows-7 virtualization windows-server-2003-r2
    here’s the set up I’m trying to go work.Windows 7, with files for an “ASP.NET Web Application” (a new one created by wizard for this test) installed in c:\tfsprojects\test\test this project opens and builds in Visual Studio 2010 just fine. Windows Server 2003, running inside of VMWare Workstation 8. VMWare has a mapping so that the native filesystem c:\tfsprojects appears as \vmware-host\Shared Folders\tfsprojects inside the VM IIS inside of the VM, set up to run a default website on 80 from

  • Godeke
    event-log windows-server-2003-r2
    Update: actual answer was finally found, see self-answer below.I have a Windows 2003 R2 machine that is giving an Event ID 8197 about once an hour and ten minutes. The full error is attached below. The machine is primary used to host IIS webpages and SMTP. There is no known scheduled tasks on the machine.I have read a lot of Google Search and Microsoft docs, but none of the suggestions found there have any impact. What I am curious is if there is any way to convert the SRMVOLMC81 and SRMVOLMC57

  • Felix
    file save windows-server-2003 windows-server-2003-r2
    a few days ago our Windows Server 2003 R2 Server / QNAP Turbo NAS TS-459 Pro II has been shutdown, because someone stubmled into the power cord (to this time, no documents had have been open). Now some users (for now I can’t see a pattern) are having troubles with saving files (mainly .ppt) after modifying them. Saving as a new file with an other name in the same folder is no problem.Does anyone has an idea, what could have gone wrong?Thank you very much!

  • GregD
    windows-server-2008 windows-server-2003-r2
    I did an upgrade from Windows Server 2003 R2 to 2008. After quite some time (overnight) I was greeted with a Windows Server 2008 login box, I logged in and my services started successfully as did everything else, it even jumped straight on the network and had internet! Whilst I was checking some stuff out I got a .NET Framework 4.0 setup dialog box appear with no buttons, just informing me that it was updating the installation of .NET Framework 4.0 and would let me know when it’s done.After 10 m

  • Jan Zich
    windows-server-2008-r2 windows-server-2003-r2 dfs-r
    We have always had problems with DFS, but recently it has gotten worse with no apparent cause and it’s becoming harmful. We have one master server and DFS connections to other four servers. The four severs don’t modify any files, so all replications always propagate from the master to the four other servers. The replicated directory has about 900,000 files. In recent weeks, every time we check the DFS backlogs have hundreds of thousand of files. For instance, at the moment, the master server rep

  • voretaq7
    We have a server 2003 R2 standard (which I’ll refer to as SRV01) that’s knocking on a bit now, but it still acts as a file, print and SQL server on our company’s network. SRV01 hosts user profiles, home directories and pretty much all our business data. Note our AD is currently at 2008 R2 level.This server is due to be upgraded in the next 12 months, but I’ve no budget to spend on it just yet.A bit of history of this server follows:When SRV01 was first commissioned, it acted as a domain controll

  • Randy K
    windows-server-2003 windows-server-2003-r2
    I have 3 blade servers that are Blue Screening with a 0xC2 error as far as we can tell randomly. When it started happening I found that the servers weren’t set to do provide a dump because they each have 16GB RAM and a 16GB swap file divided over 4 partitions in 4GB files. I set them to provided a small dump file (64K mini dump), but the dump files aren’t being written. On start up the server event log is reporting both Event ID 45 “The system could not sucessfully load the crash dump driver.” a

  • Grant unwin
    windows-server-2003 iis windows-server-2003-r2 iis-manager
    I’m running a server which currently has about 50 sites on, and am encountering from problems with IIS.Everytime I try and change a setting on a site, switch .Net versions, add/change domains on a site directly in IIS Manager. IIS Manager crashes. When I start up the manager again, all the sites are down. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this, without having sites down for a significant period of time?Thanks in advance,

  • Valentin FRUNZA
    backupexec tape windows-server-2003-r2 server-crashes
    There are two weeks now since I’m doing repository-like backup, because BE10d is crashing the file server. The computer is a NEC Express 5800, 2xXeon, 1 GB RAM, 4 SCSI drives in RAID 5 w/ spare, one 160 GB IDE and 4mm tape (connected to onboard SCSI Adaptec). It run Windows Server 2003 R2 (x86), up-to-date, coming from an Windows 2000 Server through update. Antivirus is Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8. The problem started up when the last security fixes from Microsoft were installed (it was a bunc

  • Matt
    iis6 windows-server-2003-r2
    I have a problem where IIS6 becomes unresponsive (page cannot be displayed) for some unknown reason. The app that everyone uses from this sits inside the default web site using a different app pool. So trying to access http://[servername]/ or http://[servername]/app/ results in the same thing I have tried the following:Restarting IIS (iisreset) Restarting the app poolsRestarting the server appears to be the only cure.I can only assume there is an issue with the service which the www process r

  • user44650
    printing windows-server-2003-r2 print-spooler
    my Windows 2003 R2 print server spooler service keeps crashing. upon startup I’ll get an error message stating “Unhandled Win32 exception occurred in spoolsv.exe”. no matter how many times i try to start the print spooler service manually, it’ll stop itself within minutes or seconds. sometimes it won’t stop until i try to open “Printers and Faxes”. It just keeps sending 7034 Event Errors in the Event Viewer stating “The Print Spooler service terminated unexpectedly”.i’ve tried running virus and

  • Archit Baweja
    group-policy windows-server-2003-r2
    I’m working with a standalone Windows 2003 R2 server. I’m testing out MS Terminal Services role, and after installing the role, I was unable to login to the computer using Remote Desktop. So I added Administrator user and 1 more user to the Remote Desktop Users builtin group. However I still got a “unable to login” error when trying to login via Remote Desktop. So I decided to check the Group policy. Remember, this server is standalone and not part of a domain. I checked under Local Security Pol

  • Mike
    windows-server-2008-r2 powershell dhcp migration windows-server-2003-r2
    I am migrating DHCP from a windows server 2003R2 DC to a Windows Server 2008R2 DCI’ve followed this video and its predecessor (Installing Windows Server Migration Tools) went through everything smoothly until the last step. I have exported a .mig file with my DHCP configuration on the old 2003r2 server. I transferred this .mig file over to my 2008R2 server, when running the import comma

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