problem about virtual-pc-Collection of common programming errors

  • E.J. Brennan
    vmware virtualization virtual-pc
    I have never used virtualization, and am trying to get up to speed. My new desktop is coming today and I specifically bought it to try and run all my needs on a single machine (i.e. a vista desktop, a xp desktop, vs 2005, vs20008, windows servers, sharepoint, sql server 2000/2005/2008 etc). In the past I always bought and setup separate physical machines in my home office for each of these apps. (which is why my basement is sometimes confused with a small data-center.) None of these virtual serv

  • phihag
    visual-studio-2008 virtual-pc caspol
    I’ve Googled, I’ve Caspol to death, but I still cannot load a VS2008 solution from a drive on the host machine. I get the project location not trusted message.When I try:Caspol -q -machine -addgroup 1 -url file://d:/* FullTrust -name “D Drive”VS2008 starts to open the solution, then crashes with no error message – just disappears. The only thing I can see that is different from some of the solutions I’ve seen is that I have a 64 bit host system, and the guest is 32.Does anyone have any suggestio

  • PetPaulsen
    c# named-pipes virtual-pc
    I am testing an application that uses the COM-Port. The application is running in Virtual PC. I have set up the Virtual PC settings to use the named pipe \.\pipe\mypipe for COM1-Port.Now I am trying to communicate with this named pipe using C#.using (var pipe = new NamedPipeServerStream(@”\\.\pipe\mypipe”)) {pipe.WaitForConnection();using (var reader = new StreamReader(pipe)){// Do some communication here} }The program is waiting at WaitForConnection() although Virtual PC is running and I am try

  • Jim McKeeth
    windows-7 virtual-machine virtual-pc
    I am running Windows 7 RC with the new Virtual PC Beta for Windows 7. I created a new XP VM from scratch (since the XP Mode one uses a differencing drive image). When I shared it with a co-worker running Windows 2008 server it crashed VPC 2007.Has anyone else attempted to share a VM between Windows 7 and another OS? Is there a way to make them compatible? If not, I know that Virtual PC 2007 ran fine in Windows 7 Beta. Has anyone had any luck running the old Virtual PC 2007 in Windows 7 RC?

  • slhck
    virtualbox virtual-machine virtual-pc
    I have a Win7 virtual machine running on Windows Virtual PC where I’m currently developing. I found that I dislike WVPC, and installed VirtualBox, hoping for better performance.However, importing the existing VHD into a new VM seems to not work, because even if I see the Windows boot screen, the OS will crash on a BSOD and requires the restore tool to run. That tool finds no problem, reboots but the BSOD is still present.I wouldn’t like to format a new VM if possible.Is it possible to do such sw

  • DJDavid98
    virtualbox virtual-machine vmware virtual-pc
    Lately VirtualBox has been a bit unstable and I want to try other VMs.If I install VMware and Virtual PC on the same host as VirtualBox will it cause problems (eg. crash the host)? What if I try to run two of them at once?I’m concerned because I know they all install kernel-mode drivers. Even if I disable hardware virtualization I’m sure there’s potential for trouble.

  • Indrek
    windows virtual-machine virtual-pc
    Using Virtual PC 2007, if you attempt to install Virtual Machine Additions (VMAdditions.iso) on to a virtual Windows 7, the OS will crash and you will have to do a system restore. How to solve this?

  • cori
    ubuntu virtualbox virtual-pc
    I am planning on installing 32-bit Ubuntu inside a virtual machine on a Windows machine (Dell Latitude E6500). I have plenty of memory, and sufficient hard drive space to manage this, but I’m wondering if there’s any particular reason to prefer VirtualBox over Microsoft’s Virtual PC for this usage.Anyone have any solid, objective reasons to prefer one over the other?

  • A Student at a University
    windows-7 windows ubuntu ubuntu-10.04 virtual-pc
    When I attempt to start the Ubuntu 10.04 installation/live CD in Windows Virtual PC, the VM window just disappears every time during boot just after showing the mostly blank startup splash screen (with the keyboard and accessibility logos at the bottom).How can I start the Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop or Netbook installation/live CD in Windows Virtual PC?

  • alexeit
    linux timezone clock virtual-pc
    I’m running Linux (Centos) under Virtual PC in Windows 7. Guest is set to a different time zone then host OS and none of them are UTC.The issue is that when guest boots its time is always set to the host OS time but time zone is still whatever guest uses eg host is 14/5/2011 09:00 NZST, guest after booting becomes 14/5/2011 09:00 CDT (same relative time as host but different TZ) where it should really be 13/5/2011 16:00 CDT (same absolute time).Basically on each boot time jumps forward and corre

  • Scott Ivey
    windows-7 virtualization virtual-pc
    I have a problem with Win7 & VirtualPC – every time I start up a virtual machine, it appears to start fine, and then about 10 seconds into the boot process, my laptop either BSOD’s or just hangs.I have a Dell Inspiron 1721 notebook that i’ve been running the x86 version of Win7 on – and have had the issue with both build 7000 & 7100. I also have the issue with the Windows Virtual PC beta and with the Virtual PC 2007 product.I’ve tried to use WinDBG to get what I can out of the minidump

  • PaulWaldman
    windows-7 virtualization virtualbox virtual-pc
    I am running Windows 7 Professional x64. Presently I am using Windows Virtual PC. I’d like to try VirtualBox. Can both virtualization platforms be installed and run on the same instance of Windows? Does anyone have an experience in this?

  • nhinkle
    batch virtual-pc windows-xp-mode
    First of all, I’m French, so forgive me my English (the dictionary is my friend) … Here is my problem : I have some trouble with a batch file to launch two virtual applications successively …Presentation : Windows 7 Pro (the host), Virtual PC with XP mode, two applications in the “virtual XP mode machine”Description : The first application does several things … The second one is a backup application to save data managed by the first one. (The only way I found to save data is to install

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