Why PHP Solr extension gives exception “Unsuccessful query request”-Collection of common programming errors

I use PHP Solr extension and it when I run the code below I get the exception:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘SolrClientException’ with message ‘Unsuccessful query request : Response Code 404.

I do not understand, what is wrong, I also use Solr client successfully.

include "bootstrap.php";

$options = array
    'hostname' => SOLR_SERVER_HOSTNAME,
    'login'    => SOLR_SERVER_USERNAME,
    'password' => SOLR_SERVER_PASSWORD,
    'port'     => SOLR_SERVER_PORT,

$client = new SolrClient($options);    
$query = new SolrQuery();   
$query->addField('cat')->addField('features')->addField('id')-> addField('timestamp');    
$query_response = $client->query($query);    
$response = $query_response->getResponse();    

my bootstrap.php file is: