problem about cdt-Collection of common programming errors

  • Burkhard
    c++ eclipse cygwin make cdt
    I’ve been trying to use CDT with Eclipse 3.4 under Windows XP with cygwin.What do I need to do, in order to get startet? I used “” found on the Eclipse homepage.Edit:The main problem is, that I cannot compile and run the code.In the run configuration, I tried gcc.exe for the C/C++ Application:After adding the path of make.exe to my $Path, and starting from scratch, it works perfectly.

  • Alan Spark
    eclipse plugins cdt
    I have created a plugin to CDT that works fine when I test it under the runtime workbench.However, when I export the plugin to a jar and drop it into the plugins directory of a clean CDT install, there is no trace of the plugin being loaded.Any suggestions for things to check?Thanks, Alan

  • Jared Lindsey
    c++ eclipse dll cdt
    I have two C++ projects in Eclipse, “amp” and “amp_auditions”The first creates a library, C:\Users\Jared\EclipseWorkspace\amp\Debug\libamp.dllThe second, a test program (‘C:\Users\Jared\EclipseWorkspace\amp_auditions’), depends on the first, and has the directory C:\Users\Jared\EclipseWorkspace\amp\Debug listed under Project Properties > Library DependenciesTo use the amp library I created, I thought all I needed to do was link the library file and include the headers, but apparently it isn’t th

  • subrat
    c++ eclipse dll shared-libraries cdt
    I am trying to build shared library from source in eclipse cdt. I have added the paths. Still I get the fatal error of header files not being found.Please note that I have successfully compiled it in the form of static library form. Any pointers would be helpful.

  • sblundy
    eclipse command-line cdt
    What is the best solution to build several CDT C++ projects from the command line? The projects have references and so it is not possible to just build single projects.

  • elgcom
    c++ eclipse cdt
    I develop and run C++ program in Eclipse CDT on Linux.The problem is that Eclipse CDT does’t show any runtime error message (e.g. segmentation fault) in console, while I can get such error message when running program directly with command line.

  • user2027914
    c++ eclipse ubuntu cdt
    I found one question similar to this, but it did not resolve the issue. Basically, I am trying to use Eclipse with CDT installed for C/C++ development, and no runtime errors are logged to the eclipse console window. Does anyone know of possible solutions to try to fix this issue? I am using the latest release of eclipse juno on Ubuntu 12.04, and all relevant plugins are fully updated.Thanks.

  • Lithium
    eclipse terminal centos cdt superuser
    I’m having trouble running a CDT build from the command line when super user. I can run the following command as a regular user, but when I am super user eclipse tells me an error has occured and crashes.eclipse -nosplash -application org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.headlessbuildI am well aware that this command is missing parameters, but even running this as a regular user won’t crash eclipse, it simply complains about missing parameters. My question is, why is it having a problem running

  • ShiDoiSi
    linux eclipse ubuntu cdt helios
    Could someone help me with this, I started using Eclipse only few days ago. I did google this problem, I see other people had the same “SIGSERV” crash but I did not find the way to fix it.Eclipse Helios CDT under Ubuntu 11.04 crashes every time within a few seconds after I start it. It started happening after I cleared the check box: Index source files that are not included in the project.Below is the error log. It’s very long so I posted only the top part it.THX!!# # A fatal error has been dete

  • decimus phostle
    eclipse crash eclipse-cdt cdt
    I am relatively new to Eclipse and I was trying to browse thru an existing C++ project I created. However every time I try & use ctrl-click on say a function invocation – instead of taking me to the declaration (or is it the definition?), Eclipse crashes.I am running Eclipse 3.2 on 64-bit Ubuntu. I tried setting -XX:-UseCompressedOops in ~/.eclipse/eclipserc as was suggested here, but that resulted in:/home/dp/.eclipse/eclipserc: line 1: -XX:-UseCompressedOops: command not foundAny suggestio

  • termil0r
    c++ eclipse makefile build-automation cdt
    I’d like to know how to add additional files which I’ve created to build configuration of my CDT project.What I have is:CDT Managed project In that project there’s a file called with the name of the project and cpp extension and this is main file of the project with the main() function. I also have inside some several nested subdirectories other classes of my project (cpp and h files) – Generator.cpp and h, Program.cpp and h The file with the name of the project creates instance of Program objec

  • Bart Teunissen
    eclipse cdt stm32 step openocd
    I am using eclipse CDT to make software for a stm32f0-discovery i use ST-link to program this controller using usb. A few days ago i got into debugging my chip using OpenOCD6.0.1 i followed this tutorial:debugger tutorialafter a few hours i got this working being able to step true my program setting breakpoints and all the other ussual debug stuff. Now, here is were the strange thing happens. I started changing my config from -> Monitor reset halt to -> monitor soft_reset_halt .I did this becaus

  • Reimeus
    c++ eclipse mingw cdt
    I have compiled the following in Eclipse Indigo 32bit using CDT with MinGW on Win7:#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() {cout << “Hello World!” << endl;return 0; }From this post I have set: In Window -> Preferences-> C/C++ -> Build -> Environment -> Add a variable e.g, I have added: MINGW, with value “C:\MinGW\bin”When I select the exe in the Debug folder and click run it says:Launch failed: binary not foundWhen I attempt to run it from outside eclipse I get:Wind

  • Jorn van de Beek
    c eclipse-cdt cdt object-files
    I’m working on a project from school, and we were given a .o and a corresponding .h file. We need to use several functions from the .o file in our .c program. Just placing it in the same directory doesn’t work. I tried to look for something like this in the project properties, but no good. I keep getting ../code_files/Search.c:116: undefined reference to ‘reportError’I’m using Eclipse (Juno) CDT, gcc MinGW under Windows 7I know it’s possible to include .a files, but I couldn’t find any indicatio

  • katu txakurra
    c++ eclipse include cdt
    Sorry if this is a duplicated question. I have eclipse juno, cdt in ubuntu. A hello world autotools project that works. Now I want to use a function in another file so, I created a one.h and one.cpp and modified the main_hello.cpp:main_hello.cpp:#include <iostream> #include “one.h”using namespace std;int main(void) {cout << “Hello World” << endl;onehello();return 0; }one.h:#ifndef ONE_H_ #define ONE_H_ void onehello(void); #endif /* ONE_H_ */one.cpp:#include “one.h” #include &

  • Shardul Upadhyay
    c++ eclipse cdt
    So I am trying to compile this simple code:// In Test.h #include <iostream> using namespace std;class A{public:virtual string f (string&); };class B : public A{public:B (string);string f (string&); };// In Test.cpp #include <iostream> #include “Test.h” using namespace std;B :: B (string row){cout << “HERE”; }string B :: f (string& x){cout << “Test”; }It seems simple enough but I keep getting a Undefined reference to ‘vtable for A’ error (compiler is MINGW with

  • Matt M
    c++ eclipse static-libraries eclipse-cdt cdt
    I’m trying to configure the MiniXML libraries in Eclipse Juno running CDT on Windows 7. I downloaded the current version here: I placed the folder in my workspace. I used MSYS and cd’d to the directory, ran a ./configure, make, and make install.I then cd’ed to MSYS’s version of /usr/local/ and copied lib, include, share, and bin folders to my desktop. I then copied the h file and the a file to my project src folder.I then went to project properties, c++ bu

  • user924888
    mysql c netbeans cdt
    I am writing some code in C which connects to MYSQL server. I am using Netbeans and new to this. I configured it as directed and installed MYSQL Connector C. I also installed CYGWIN GCC, G++, GDB, MAKE from cygwin site. I created a c project and in the properties-> build-> c compiler->Include directories, set the path of mysql connector (C:\Program Files\MySQL\Connector C 6.0.2\include). Now i write some code to interect with MYSQL server, on build some error occurs.#include <stdio.h> #inc

  • Cobbydict
    cdt gmp
    I would like to compile my code in CDT:#include <iostream> #include <gmpxx.h>using namespace std;int main (void) {mpz_class a, b, c;a = 1234;b = “-5678”;c = a+b;cout << “sum is ” << c << “\n”;cout << “absolute value is ” << abs(c) << “\n”;cin >> a;return 0; }When I compiled, there were some errors like this:**** Build of configuration Debug for project test ******** Internal Builder is used for build **** g++ -LC:\Dev-Cpp\lib -l

  • James Thompson
    c++ vector reference cdt
    OK so I an new to C++ and am fairly sure this should be a simple question if I can ask it right. Basically this is what I need to work:printInfoFromVector(this->mycontroller.createVector)This is the actual code I have:vector<GasStation>& highPrices = this->myController.findHighestPrice();this->findPrice(highPrices);vector<GasStation>& findHighestPrice(){The problem that I am having is that I can not get they types of highPrices and findHighestPrice() to match. Im fai

  • Reynaldo
    c eclipse configure cdt
    I’m with this error: “undefined reference to ‘libiconv_open'” While compiling On this site there is a solution: [SOLVED] Error “undefined reference to ‘libiconv_open'” while compilingBut, I’m using Eclipse CDT + MingW to compile, and I have not found where to put the variables ./configure –without-iconvCould anyone help me?I’m using Eclipse Juno + CDT + Windows 7 + MingW(Sorry my poor english xD, i’m brazilian…)

  • Filburt
    c++ eclipse swi-prolog cdt
    Sorry for the generalized question. I’m trying to add library swi-prolog 6.2.6 to Eclipse CDT and it won’t work out.C/C++ General >> Path and Symbols:**Includes**: “C:\Program Files\swipl\include” **Library Paths**: “C:\Program Files\swipl\lib” **Librarys**: “swipl.dll”And error:Info: Internal Builder is used for build g++ “-IC:\\Program Files\\swipl\\include” -O0 -g3 -Wall -c -fmessage-length=0 -o Hello.o “..\\Hello.cpp” g++ “-LC:\\Program Files\\swipl\\lib” -o FirstProject.exe Hello.o -lswipl

  • noam
    windows eclipse mingw cdt
    I installed eclipse, cdt and mingw on my windows XP machine. added C:\MinGW\bin to my PATH.Created a new c++ project, with one file in it, test.c. the code in it:int main(){int i=1; }Trying to build, I get the error: /mingw/lib/libmingw32.a(main.o):main.c:(.text+0xd2): undefined reference to ‘WinMain@16’Notice it’s not complaining about test.c but rather about some main.c in one of mingw’s libs.What am I doing wrong?

  • M’vy
    c eclipse mingw cdt winmain
    Today, I wanted to change my makefile around because I was getting warning errors such as “Warning: resolving _send@16 by linking to _send”(or something like that!). I was able to fix all those errors, but another MAJOR got in my way of getting things to compile again.I’m getting the following error:c:/mingw/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/4.5.0/../../../libmingw32.a(main.o):main.c:(.text+0xd2): undefined reference to ‘WinMain@16’I have a main defined like this:int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {/*do stu

  • Paul
    eclipse gdb scons cdt
    Here is the tool stack: Installed on Windows 7 (x64) is Eclipse (Juno x64) with CDT and the SConsolidator plugin. Underneath is the TDM-GCC (x64) bundle installed with 64-bit support.If I build a 64-bit application and debug it using Eclipse (which uses gdb bundled with GCC), it builds without error and debugs fine.When I build a 32-bit application and try to debug it with Eclipse, it builds fine but gdb fails:gdb: unknown target exception 0x4000001f… Debugging it with the same gdb via comma

  • sdive
    eclipse makefile cdt
    I’m using Eclipse JUNO for developing C applications. It runs on Ubuntu 12.04 inside a 3-CPU, 1GiB RAM virtual machine.Everything works perfectly, but sometimes, I cannot build my application any more and the following error occurs:”cannot run program make; unknown reason”.Any idea on how to fix this?

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