problem about pipeline-Collection of common programming errors

  • stderr
    bash time gnu pipeline
    I want to measure the running time of some SQL query in postgresql. Using BASH built-in time, I could do the following:$ time (echo “SELECT * FROM sometable” | psql)I like GNU time, which provides more formats. However I don’t know how to do it with pipe line. For simplicity, I use ls | wc in the following examples:$ /usr/bin/time -f “%es” (ls | wc) -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘$ /usr/bin/time -f “%es” “ls | wc”

  • ks1322
    bash shell error-handling pipeline
    In the following example echo statement gets executed regardless of exit code of previous command in pipeline:[email protected]:~$ [email protected]:~$ false|echo 123 123 [email protected]:~$ true|echo 123 123 [email protected]:~$ I want echo command to execute only on zero exit code of previous command, that is I want to achieve this behavior:[email protected]:~$ false|echo 123 [email protected]:~$ Is it possible in bash?Here is a more practical example:[email protected]

  • Max13
    linux bash pipe wget pipeline
    I want to make a bash script, which have to be wget and send to bash like that: wget -q -O – | bashThe “file” is a test script, this commands shows me: “Unknown command” (maybe due to new lines) and “Unexpected end of file”, which I don’t know why.Am I missing something ? Thanks for your help!

  • FortyLashes
    scrapy mysql-python pipeline
    I’m getting a number of errors, depending upon what is being inserted/updated.Here is the code for processing the item:def process_item(self, item, spider):try:if ‘producer’ in item:self.cursor.execute(“””INSERT INTO Producers (title, producer) VALUES (%s, %s)”””, (item[‘title’], item[‘producer’]))elif ‘actor’ in item:self.cursor.execute(“””INSERT INTO Actors (title, actor) VALUES (%s, %s)”””, (item[‘title’], item[‘actor’]))elif ‘director’ in item:self.cursor.execute(“””INSERT INTO Directors (ti

  • TMV
    android input pipeline
    I found this article on implementing an input pipeline for Android, but I don’t really understand how it works. I also don’t completely understand the programming concept of a pipeline or a pool either. Could someone explain these concepts and how they work as this input pipeline?

  • NS.X.
    c# .net pipeline
    I am wondering if there is any language feature/library/tools/techniques I could use to call .NET/C# “functions” in a pipeline in a scripting environment? For example, I havepublic interface IFoo {… }public interface IBar {IFoo Load(string fileName);IFoo Replace(string oldValue, string newValue);void Save(string fileName); }Then wrap them in util.exe with proper Main(). Now I want to use them like piped DOS command:util.exe -load in.txt | util.exe -replace x y | util.exe -save output.txtIs it

  • user1871960
    netty pipeline
    Is introduced the decompressor and compressor in the ChannelPipeline but the runtime is too large, compared with the execution time of both methods introduced in a particular [email protected] public ChannelPipeline getPipeline() throws Exception { ChannelPipeline pipeline = pipeline(); pipeline.addLast(“decoder”,new IcapRequestDecoder(maxInitialLineLength, maxIcapHeaderSize, maxHttpHeaderSize, maxChunkSize)); pipeline.addLast(“chunkAggregator”,new IcapChunkAggregator(maxContentLength)); pipeline

  • user1122359
    android eclipse api jar pipeline
    I’m having this problem, and tried googling and doing tutorials in eclipse. But, it wasnt really helpful for me to use this .jar file in my project.Source: be specific, I downloaded this jar file , added it to my project successfully by copying the jar file into my source folder , then added it by doing(Properties->Add Jars->And added it). Also i did a Project -> Clean. Then once I start coding as they have shown in the examples, it gives me errors,

  • Brian Vandenberg
    assembly pipeline branch-prediction
    updatedChanged the 2nd line of assembly to the mnemonic actually being used (mflr) and added more info at the bottom.I ran across some code (using gcc) resembling the following (paraphrased):#define SOME_MACRO( someVar ) \ do { \__asm__ ( \” b 0f\n” \”0: mflr %0\n” \: “=r”( someVar ) \); \ } while(0)… where the b instruction (ppc) is a short jmp and mflr is getting the contents of the ‘link r

  • mvanveen
    python google-app-engine pipeline
    I’ve begun creating a MapReduce job with the new Google App Engine Pipeline API, and I’ve run into a situation where I’d like every worker to have a copy of the same list during runtime.One option would be to use memcache, but I’m worried that the size of this list might eventually be greater than what I can set with memcache. I think my other option would be to initialize every worker with this list context at runtime, but I can’t find any way to do this in the docs and looking at the source c

  • deft_code
    engine architecture textures pipeline
    How minimal should a games engine be? How much of the content pipeline should be embedded in the engine?Some use cases where the super engine might be useful:When loading user content, the user isn’t required to package up his textures, the engine will do it at load time. A script requests a font at a much larger size than was pre-generated, the engine could parse the ttf file ad build a new texture atlas. Halo forge.None of this is free of course. This requires your content pipeline tools to

  • AttackingHobo
    2d xna-4.0 spritesheet pipeline
    My main goal is avoid using an external program like SpriteSheetPacker.I would like to just use sequenced PNGs and have the sprite sheets be made, updated, and saved automatically when I build my game.Edit: The old answers I upvoted, but I updated the question and specifically asked how to do this automatically with the Content Pipeline. Please do not give an answer that involves using an external program.

  • Byte56
    xna xml pipeline
    I am relatively new to XNA, and have started to delve into the use of the content pipeline. I have already figured out that tricky issue of adding a game library containing classes for any type of .xml file I want to read.Here’s the issue. I am trying to handle the reading of all XML content through use of an XMLHandler object that uses the intermediate deserializer. Any time reading of such data is required, the appropriate method within this object would be called. So, as a simple example, som

  • rFactor
    xna c# terrain-rendering pipeline
    I have this irritating problem in XNA that I have spent my Saturday with:Cannot find ContentTypeReaderBB.HeightMapInfoReader, BB,Version=, Culture=neutral.It throws me that when I do (within the game assembly’s Renderer.cs class):this.terrain =<Model>(“heightmap”);There is a heightmap.bmp and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, because I used it in a previous version which I switched to this new better system.So, I have a GeneratedGeometryPipeline as

  • Byte56
    android pipeline eclipse
    I’m creating a game on the android platform that uses the resources/raw folder for assets and scripts. The problem is that every time I change something I have to rebuild the application to test the new variant. Of course this is bad for iteration times.Any ideas about what I can do to avoid rebuilding every time I change something? This *.apk format is getting on my nerves now that I have to recreate it every time I change a word in my scripts.Or at least how to make eclipse auto-rebuild every

  • townsean
    xna textures pipeline
    I’m trying to retrieve the names of the texture files (or their locations) on a mesh.I realize that the texture file name information is not preserved when the model is loaded. I’ve been doing tons of searching and some experimenting but I’ve been met with no luck. I’ve gathered that I need to extended the content pipeline and store the file location in somewhere like ModelMeshPart.Tag.My problem is, even when I’m trying to make my own custom processor, I still can’t figure out where the texture

  • fakhir
    opengl shaders rendering scene-graph pipeline
    I’ve already asked similar but a bit unclear question here but this time I will be very specific and to the point.Suppose I have an actor which grabs a power up. He starts to glow using bloom shader and after 10 seconds back to normal attaching the default shader again. The question basically boils down to:How to use different shaders on the same model at runtime?Consider following very simple example: Default shader:attribute vec4 Position; uniform mat4 ModelViewProjMatrix;void main(void) {gl_P

  • Larry
    c# xna pipeline
    I’m having trouble find the image file I have loaded into Visual C# 2010 Express when I compile my code. Based on the answer here: Missing option for “Content Importer” in XNA (trying to import video) I’m trying to add a reference to Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.Pipeline, but it’s not an option available in the Add Reference section.As such, the Content Importer and Content Processor fields mentioned here are not showing up: xna 4.0 and loading images failsThe code crashes whenever

  • rAge
    pipeline directx-11
    When I played Warframe, my game crash. When I looked for problem solution, someone wrote: “Disable pipeline in dx”… I don’t know how to do that 😀 Looking for help!

  • bsfoo116
    scrapy pipeline crawl
    I’m new user of scrapy to crawl my websites.I want to store data crawled into mysql database. MininovaSpider(CrawlSpider):name = ‘myspider’allowed_domains = [‘’]start_urls = [‘’]rules = [Rule(SgmlLinkExtractor(allow=(‘/categorie/.*’),restrict_xpaths=(‘//div[@id=”contLeftNavig”]’,)), ‘parse_t’)]def parse_t(self, response):x = HtmlXPathSelector(response)torrent = Torrent() torrent[‘url’] = response.urltorrent[‘title’]“//h1[@class=’infoAn

  • Guillaume Lortie
    heroku production pipeline gmaps4rails asset
    I’m new to RoR so there are many concepts that I don’t understand well yet. As my first project on rails I coded a site base on the tutorial by Michael Hartl. My site is done in rails 3.1.0 and it works fine in dev on my ubuntu station. Within that site I have gmaps4rails which is loaded in gemfile that way: gem ‘gmaps4rails’, “~> 1.4.8” I have also another control called timeglider which is a javacript control that is in my public folder in /public/timeglider folder.All this is working in d

  • Edward
    powershell parameters pipeline
    So, hopefully someone can help me out here. I’ve looked for solutions in the past and have always found something before. But this one just seems to be too odd.I have a PowerShell function that effectively duplicates the New-ADUser Cmdlet, and it accepts multiple parameters in order to do so. Most of the parameters on this function have the “ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName” parameter attribute set to True so that I can feed CSV and other pipeline data into the function without having to write a

  • user2086085
    javascript ruby-on-rails firefox assets pipeline
    The problem:I have a RoR project working fine in different browsers, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, and in the three standard enviroments, local, staging and production. I’m facing errors only in Firefox, and only after deploy to staging or production. So, it’s working fine even in Firefox local enviroment. Basically the visible error is malfunction of some critical web javascript related features. Firefox console in staging or production returns first, html syntax errors in application-xxxxxxxxx.hb

  • heron
    javascript jquery ajax datatables pipeline
    By default this function works with $_GET. Based on this discussion I modified this function and got something like below. Now the problem is, Firebug gives error messagejson.aaData is undefined @ line 99Here is line (located at the end of code)json.aaData.splice( 0, iRequestStart-oCache.iCacheLower ); PHP side responds, and this table works 100% without pipelining. But When I enable pipelining getting this error fnDataTablesPipeline ( sSource, aoData, f

  • Alex Wayne
    javascript jquery null operator-keyword pipeline
    I have the following line in my code: var cart = $(“#dynamo_shop_window .dynamo_content tbody .shop_cart”).html();However, I want the value of cart to be an empty string if there are no matching elements on the page, i.e: !$(“#dynamo_shop_window .dynamo_content tbody .shop_cart”).size();If this is the case, var cart = null;, well according to Chrome’s developer tools anyway.To give it the empty string value, is there any reason why I should use cart = cart !== null ? cart : ”; after the above c

  • orish
    undefined pipeline asset cocoon phusion
    I am facing a strange problem. I have an app deployed on rails 3.2.1 with apache/phusion. I have precompiled the assets with “rake assets:precompile”. However, I get “undefined method `link_to_add_association'” while loading the page. If I run same app with “rails s”, it works just fine without any changes. I have restarted apache multiple times and have created “/tmp/restart.txt” but to no avail. What am I missing or doing incorrect? Any help would be appreciated.The Gemfile includes following

  • mauris
    biztalk pipeline biztalk-2010
    I am developing a custom application which directly submits the message to biztalk using submit direct adapter. I am using a passthru pipeline, but the message gets suspended and i am receiving the following error:There was a failure executing thereceive pipeline:”Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.PassThruReceive,Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines,Version=, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35″Source: “Unknown ” Receive Port:”RP_DCMS_REQ” URI: “CH222001-1200″Reason: TypeSystem

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