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  • frenchie
    jquery 2014-1-30 15:41:57
    I have several textboxes that are all of the same css class MyClass. I’m creating HTML at runtime. I’m wondering how to detect that a new MyClass textbox was added to the DOM.I’d like something like this:$(‘.MyClass’).wascreated(function () { //do something });Thanks for your suggestions.

  • hippietrail
    javascript jquery strict use-strict 2014-1-30 15:37:21
    I’m trying to get the “use strict”; directive to work, and having a bit of trouble. In the following file FireFox 9 will (correctly) detect that someVar hasn’t been declared on line 3, but fails to detect that theVar hasn’t been declared on line 19. I’m stumped as to why this would be the case.”use strict”; // this will cause the browser to check for errors more aggresivelysomeVar = 10; // this DOES get caught // LINE 3// debugger; // this will cause FireBug to open at the bottom of the page/w

  • Rob W
    jquery ruby-on-rails prototypejs 2014-1-30 15:19:33
    I am using jquery on my html page and want to have an onchange event on a collection_select. If I add <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %> then my jquery code does not work. Basically I have a collection_select as follows:<%=collection_select(:product, ‘prod_name’, @prods, :id, :prod_name, {:prompt => ‘Select Product’},{:onchange => remote_function(:url => {:action => ‘volume_or_quant’}, :with => “‘id=’ + this.value”)})%>Then I have a select tag and a text field:

  • John
    javascript jquery asp.net html 2014-1-30 14:31:54
    Using a repeater to display a list. In this list are comment box and submit btn. I want the user to enter data and click the corresponding submit btn. ERROR: JavaScript runtime error: Sys.Net.WebServiceFailedException: The server method ‘CommentBox’ failed with the following error: System.InvalidOperationException– Invalid web service call, missing value for parameter: ‘CommentBoxContents’.

  • Hakan
    javascript jquery iframe submit reload 2014-1-30 13:29:11
    I have a page with an iframe. In the iframe there’s a submit button. When I click the submit button I want the parent window to be updated. This is what I have done so far, and it works (the javascript is located in the parent window):var myFrame = $(‘iframe’); myFrame.load(function() { myFrame.contents().find(‘#publish’).click(function() {myFrame.load(function() {location.reload();});}); });The code works. But I find the reload of the iframe unnecessary. Is there a better way to detect when “su

  • JavierQQ23
    javascript jquery javascript-events 2014-1-30 12:13:41
    Is there a way of not letting users change a select input?. I have a form with an already selected option, and I want to aware users that they are doing that and I was trying to do thisI have a select with id=users,$(“#users”).change(function(){confirm(“You are going to change the default value. Are you sure?”);});One of the problems I have is that it only happens if I click on an option, it’s not happening as soon as I click on the select input.Another thing is that it shows 2 times, is there a

  • thecodeparadox
    jquery asp.net-mvc intellisense t4 2014-1-30 11:21:00
    Is there any way to get jQuery Support / Intellisense in T4-Templates? In normal js-Files, I can write/// <reference path=”/Scripts/jQuery/jquery-1.6.2-vsdoc.js” />But how to do it in T4-Templates?EDITThe reason why we want to do so: because we seperated our JavaScript in external js-Files. Doing so means that it is no longer possible to use c#-Code in our JavaScript to avoid magic strings. For example:Instead of writing:$j.ajax({url: ‘/Home/Edit’type: ‘POST’,dataType: ‘html’data: {},error

  • suranyami
    javascript jquery textmate coffeescript 2014-1-30 10:36:38
    When writing CoffeeScript in TextMate and wanting to use a 3rd party Javascript library like jQuery or Raphael there is a need to add a “require” like so:$ = require ‘jquery’This works fine when using coffee -c myfile.coffee from the commandline, but fails in the TextMate bundle when trying to compile with this error:Error: Cannot find module ‘jquery’ at Function._resolveFilename (module.js:317:11) at Function._load (module.js:262:25) at require (module.js:346:19) at Object. (.:3:7) at Object. (

  • gaurav
    jquery asp.net-mvc-3 2014-1-30 7:58:59
    Microsoft JScript runtime error: Invalid origin: http://static.ak.facebook.comWhen i run my MVC3 application on IE-7 it shows me this error in ticker_37?build=135[dynamic] file. Can anyone tell me the solution for this problem?

  • Michel Figueiredo
    javascript jquery 2014-1-30 7:40:31
    I have a website which has all pages contents in one page called “pagecontents”. When a menu in navbar is clicked the jQuery load function is triggered and the relevant content is loaded into the main page.It’s working fine, however I added an hash to the URL for whenever a particular content is loaded , so that users can go directly into viewing relevant content when they type or paste the url with the hash. This works fine in my local host but not on remote host I wonder What’s the problem.if

  • endyourif
    asp.net asp.net-mvc attributes custom-attributes 2014-1-30 16:05:04
    At my company we use MVC.NET and Entity Framework to perform a SQL connection. I was wondering if there is a way to create a custom attribute on a class that will create warnings if the return type of a method is not IEnumberable? The idea is to avoid the developers defaulting to a collection making the function less generic.

  • oliverdejohnson
    c# asp.net-mvc 2014-1-30 15:05:14
    I’ve been struggling with this for days now. googling and trying diff things but with no headway.I’m doing an MVC project but i need to use services from another project(web project). I did build the web project and referenced its dll in the mvc project. I can access members from the referenced project and everything compiles just fine.However, the trouble is at runtime at the point where my code is calling a class of the refereced project and its throwing this “could not load type” whatever!Thi

  • Mohamed Naguib
    asp.net asp.net-mvc razor 2014-1-30 14:36:40
    I have a select list like that one <select id=”select-product”><option>Select a Product</option></select>I fill in this list using Ajax at runtime, now I want to convert it to a razor view and I will include the data in Viewbag before redirecting to the page.How can i do that ?

  • teresko
    asp.net-mvc asp.net-mvc-3 2014-1-30 13:44:22
    I am working on MVC3. not sure whether its the right question but it keeps on bothering me always.I have a generic model used by multiple views. If i make any changes to the model variables for example name change it does not reflect in any of the views nor does it throw any compile time errors. The errors are thrown only at run time. This can cause a serious issue if model changes are not checked for in each view manually.Is there any way to overcome this manual changes in the view?

  • Saan
    asp.net-mvc iis-7 dll 2014-1-30 13:27:07
    At work we have about 30 legacy sites which run from a common set of code, currently these sites are in cold fusion. For this common code we have one project, then in IIS we set up a virtual directory to include the common code into each site. This works great, as changes to core logic can be made in one place, and its replicated through all the sites. And as all of our sites are hosted on the same servers, we can also just deploy the common code and all the live sites are updated, we don’t need

  • Hellfire
    asp.net-mvc visual-studio-2008 debugging 2014-1-30 13:02:08
    I’m running Visual Studio 2008 Professional SP1 on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RTM. I’m using the ASP.NET MVC that you get from the Web Platform Installer. When I step through my program and pause on any line for longer than a few seconds the debugger suddenly stops and the following message is printed in the Debug Output:The program ‘[4232] WebDev.WebServer.EXE: Managed’ has exited with code 0 (0x0).It does not happen 100% of the time, but it’s often enough to be extremely frustrating. This behav

  • teresko
    asp.net-mvc asp.net-mvc-migration 2014-1-30 12:28:46
    I’ve been in the process of attempting to deploy an ASP.NET 4.0 (webform) project on a server that is running an ASP.NET MVC 1.0 application in it’s web-root. I was slowly making progress, but hit a wall, so I decided to recompile the MVC app against version 2.0 of the MVC framework and 4.0 of the .NET framework. I used a few tools to do so.The project appeared to successfully convert, but now it fails to compile. Specifically, it appears that there is a problem with System.Web.HttpContextBas

  • thecodeparadox
    jquery asp.net-mvc intellisense t4 2014-1-30 11:21:00
    Is there any way to get jQuery Support / Intellisense in T4-Templates? In normal js-Files, I can write/// <reference path=”/Scripts/jQuery/jquery-1.6.2-vsdoc.js” />But how to do it in T4-Templates?EDITThe reason why we want to do so: because we seperated our JavaScript in external js-Files. Doing so means that it is no longer possible to use c#-Code in our JavaScript to avoid magic strings. For example:Instead of writing:$j.ajax({url: ‘/Home/Edit’type: ‘POST’,dataType: ‘html’data: {},error

  • alexanderb
    asp.net asp.net-mvc vb.net webactivator 2014-1-30 9:04:54
    In order to make Elmah.MVC package work in VB.NET projects as well, I’ve create ASP.NET MVC3 VB.NET application added WebActivator Nuget package (v.1.5.1), in App_Start folder inserted simple code, like[assembly: WebActivator.PreApplicationStartMethod(typeof(Elmah.Mvc.Web.App_Start.ElmahMvc_Start), “Start”)]namespace Elmah.Mvc.Web.App_Start {public class ElmahMvc_Start{public static void Start(){Elmah.Mvc.Bootstrap.Initialize();}} }The project built fine, but I never hit Elmah.Mvc.Bootstrap.Init

  • teresko
    jquery asp.net-mvc 2014-1-30 5:44:30
    I was using jquery 1.4.4.min the following script worked. $(“:INPUT”).change( function(){dataChanged=true; $(this).addClass(“box2”);});I had to change to jquery 1.5.1.min and now I am geting this errorMicrosoft JScript runtime error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: INPUTThanks in advance.

  • Jack Billy
    jquery jquery-ui jquery-plugins jquery-selectors jquery-validate 2014-1-27 3:28:03
    Hello guys!I have been trying to create a if/else statement code in jQuery but I guess my if/else statement is resting in peace! I don’t know what is getting wrong I have did everything and still it is not working correctly! Ok, here is my problem list ~My if/else is getting inverse! And I think everything is just getting messed up! JsLint (in jsFiddle.net) is showing no error in my jQuery code!Please here is my problem demo link ~~~~~~~~~~PROBLEM DEMOHere is my smaple jQuery code ~~~~~~~~~$(fun

  • Andrey Chaschev
    jquery jquery-validate 2014-1-18 14:38:00
    I am using jquery validate.js file for validations, if am including this file in my application it is throwing above titled error. Below is my codeJavascript$().ready(function () {$.validator.setDefaults({submitHandler: function () {alert(“submitted!”);}});$(“#form1”).validate({rules: {field: {required: true,maxlength: 4,customvalidation: true,regex: “^[a-zA-Z]+$”},messages: {field: {required: “Please enter name”,maxlength: “Maximum length allowed 4”},}});$.validator.addMethod(“customvalidation”

  • BennyM
    jquery jquery-validate 2014-1-12 7:41:13
    I have two datepickers where the user makes a selection. Then for each day in the selected interval I add an input textbox. I’m struggeling to get the jQuery Validate plugin working for the generated textboxes. It seems like if only the first is being validated.When the page is loaded I add a custom validate method and set up the form to validate:$(document).ready(function() { $.validator.addMethod(“validHoursInDay”, function(value, element) {if (this.optional(element)) {return this.optional(ele

  • Sparky
    jquery jquery-validate 2013-12-29 21:18:32
    As soon as I insert errorPlacement: function, it breaks the code. No validation happens on click of submit. can someone help please.If I remove this function, validation works fine.Imports:-<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/MyApp/js/jquery.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”/MyApp/js/jquery.validate.min.js”></script>Script:-$(document).ready(function(){$(“#post-an-ad”).validate({rules:{articleTitle:{required: true,minlength: 5}, dateRequested:

  • Libin
    jquery css jquery-validate 2013-12-17 2:09:55
    I’m using jQuery validation I have such problem: I insert images, when input valid or not. When they are inserting one image is showing fully, but make margin and crash my div, and second – with same css attributes – showing partly and doesn’t crash anything. I’m using Rails and my form is on Bootstrap modal. Here is screenshot – http://i.imgur.com/06phr.png Here is css :label.error { color:transparent; display: inline; background: url(‘not_valid.png’) no-repeat; padding: 10px; margin-left: 5

  • Sparky
    jquery jquery-validate unobtrusive-validation 2013-11-27 17:58:54
    I am using jQuery 2.0.3 and jquery validate 1.11.1 and am getting the error:”Unhandled exception at line 4, column 20895 in …/Scripts/jquery.validate.min.js 0x800a138f – JavaScript runtime error: Unable to get property ‘call’ of undefined or null reference”for the following code (its any focus click on the page throws the error.)@Html.EditorFor(model => model.Name) @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Name)My relavant script are:I tried the solution in Error in jquery.validate.js

  • Sparky
    jquery jquery-validate onkeyup 2013-11-16 4:38:03
    After reading a bunch of questions and applying “solutions” to them, I find that the jQuery validator is not validating onkeyup. Which by default, it should. I made sure that the source code was not modified by downloading a fresh file, nothing.Version: jquery 1.10.2Validation code:/* check form */ $(“#registerForm”).validate({ /* rules: {primaryPhone: {skip_or_fill_minimum: [2,’.firstPhoneSet’]},contactPrimary: {skip_or_fill_minimum: [2,’.firstPhoneSet’]},secondaryPhone: {skip_or_fill_minimum:

  • j0k
    jquery jquery-validate jquery-chosen 2013-11-14 8:06:40
    I am trying to use validate and chosen plugin together. I am having the problem while validating select boxes. I found similar questions How can I use jQuery validation with the “chosen” plugin? and Chosen.js and validate jquery but I couldn’t find a way to import the solutions to my code :<form class=’myform’ id=’producteditform’><input type=’hidden’ value='<? echo $row[‘id’]; ?>’ name=’pkedit’ id=’pkedit’> <input type=’hidden’ value=’save’ name

  • Sparky
    jquery jquery-validate 2013-11-10 13:48:39
    I’m using the jQuery Validate plugin and what I’m trying to do should be relatively easy, but I can’t get it to work. I’ve got an input field that is not a mandatory/required field. If nothing is entered into the field I don’t want to run any form of validation on the field. If the form field changes and contains any input I want to validate it against, for example, numbers only, but if the field is blank, remove / don’t validate.I tried doing something like this:valForm(‘excessFrm’);var vou = $

  • johnjag
    forms html5 jquery-validate asp.net-mvc-4 2013-11-10 10:26:15
    I am working on top of the sample MVC4 template to build a wizard form, I have taken the source from http://afana.me/post/create-wizard-in-aspnet-mvc-3.aspxWhen I trigger the java script that makes the ‘next’ button i get below errorvar validator = $(‘form’).validate(); // obtain validator Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘validate’Below is complete JS portion trigger with the next button.$(“#next-step”).click(function () {var $step = $(“.wizard-step:visible”); // get cur