problem about r.js-Collection of common programming errors

  • Louis
    javascript requirejs runtime-error bundling-and-minification r.js
    I bundle all my JS assets into one minified uglified file via r.js (part of requirejs).If any unhandled errors occur on the browser, I use raygun (like Airbrake) to report it back to me. The only problem is the line number I get in my error message, refers to the bundled minified file. Which doesn’t help much.Is there a way to correctly map the line number of my single minified and uglified bundled asset, into the individual JS file with the correct line number?

  • Peter
    requirejs amd js-amd r.js almond
    In my grunt.js file I’ve gotrequirejs: {dist: {options: {almond: true,wrap: true,modules: [{name: ‘main’}],mainConfigFile: “src/js/main.js”,baseUrl: “src/js”,dir: “tmp/js”,inlineText: true,preserveLicenseComments: false}} }Running grunt requirejs:dist populates the tmp/js directory with some minified files – among others a big main.js file (everything seems to be bundled in this file as expected) – however when I want to include this file like so<script type=”text/javascript” src=”tmp/main.js

  • Alexander Klimetschek
    requirejs r.js
    I am trying to integrate the r.js optimizer on the server side (Apache Sling) and face one problem: when resolving modules it always looks them up under the output directory (dir), not from within the source directory (baseUrl or appDir), doesn’t find them and thus fails./project/build.js({name: “modules/main”,dir: “/target”,baseUrl: “/sources” })If you wonder, the root path / is inside the server’s JCR repository, not a file system. Also I simplified the example a bit (hopefully without conceal

  • Toddish
    backbone.js requirejs r.js
    When I run the r.js optimizer over my Backbone.js app, I get this error:Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a functionIt appears in the middle of the Backbone.js section of the output.I removed bits of code until I found out what was causing it, and it seems to be when I call Backbone.history.start();.I’ve created a simple app to replicate the bug, which I’ve posted below. Basically, it creates a route and ‘console.log’s ‘home’. It works fine when not optimized.To optimize the app, I use:node r

  • DJ Forth
    requirejs ruby-on-rails-4 r.js
    I am using Require.js in a rails 4 application. However in the production environment I’d like to compile into 1 file and use almond. Now obviously require.js recommends r.js, which even has a coffeescript plugin for it, but would mean running it outside of rails manually. There is the requirejs-rails gem, but this seems to have not been updated for a while and doesn’t have rails4 support. There is a couple of forked version but I get an error when I try to use them:`user_config=’: undefined

  • MrLipman
    requirejs js-amd uglifyjs r.js
    I’m using r.js to optimize/uglify my JavaScript code which is using RequireJS.One of my modules is a polyfill module:define(function(){if (!Array.prototype.filter){ /* … */ }var isPolyfillNeeded = function () { /* … */ }if (isPolyfillNeeded()) {/* polyfill implementation */} });The module causes parsing error thrown from r.js when trying to uglify it, saying:Tracing dependencies for: ../scripts/main-app Error: Parse error using UglifyJS for file: C:/…/polyfill.js Unexpected character ‘?’

  • Dan Ramos
    javascript requirejs grunt r.js
    I’m able to successfully compile my JS modules via Grunt’s requirejs task, but I’m getting undefined with any shim scripts. Here is my configrequirejs.config({“baseUrl”: “../../../components/”,”paths”: {“less”: “less.js/dist/less-1.3.3″,”datepicker”: “jquery-ui/ui/jquery.ui.datepicker”,”jquery”: “jquery/jquery”,”jqueryui”: “jquery-ui/ui/jquery-ui”,”spectrum”: “spectrum/spectrum”,”class”: “class/class”,”underscore”: “underscore-amd/underscore”,”d3″: “d3/d3″,”nv”: “nvd3/nv.d3″,”dataTables”: “data

  • Geoff
    optimization requirejs r.js
    I might be missing something here (it could be a RTFM).I am trying to use the requirejs optimizer to optimize a file and require it. but the value always comes back undefined. I created the most simple test.My module (Models/Test.js):define(function () {return “from module”; });My module after I run r.js: (Models/Test-built.js):define(‘MODELS/Test’,[],function () {return “from module”; });When I include the original in a page:<script>require([‘Models/Test’], function (item) {console.log(i