problem about meteorite-Collection of common programming errors

  • Athena Wisdom
    javascript meteor npm meteorite
    The first execution of mup depoly works fine. However doing mup deploy a second time or running mup reconfig will cause Meteor.js to crash. Bundling Started: /var/www/test-appStarted TaskList: Deploying App [localhost] uploading bundle [localhost] uploading bundle: SUCCESS [localhost] setting up env vars [localhost] setting up env vars: SUCCESS [localhost] uploading settings.json [localhost] uploading settings.json: SUCCESS [localhost] calling deploy script [localhost] calling deploy script: FAI

  • user2216058
    plugins meteor momentjs meteorite
    I’m trying to put together a small app using meteor, and having a lot of luck. But I can’t get the app to use the Twix plugin for momentjs. Using Meteorite, I added the Momentjs library from Atmosphere, mrt add moment, so no problem there. But there’s no twix package in Atmosphere. I used npm to install twix package, but neither meteor no mrt will add twix, responding Package named twix doesn’t exist in your meteor installation which I guess makes sense, it being a Nodejs package not a Meteor pa

  • Ben
    meteor meteorite ink-file-picker
    I’m not having much luck so far in loading the filepicker package in my Meteor project. What I did:$cd ~/myMeteorProject $mrt add filepicker >>>Done installing smart packages $head smart.json >>>{“packages”: {“router”: {},”filepicker”: {}} } $mrt >>>Stand back while Meteorite does its thingDone installing smart packagesOk, everything’s ready. Here comes Meteor![[[[[ ~/myMeteorProject ]]]]]=> Meteor server running on: http://localhost:3000/So at this point all looks

  • Joel Dykstra
    ubuntu meteor npm meteorite
    I’ve looked all over, getting the following error ONLY in production (my own server and meteor’s public option):Uncaught Error: afFieldIsInvalid helper must be used within an autoForm block helper This is only happening on the server. I’m using demeteorize to push the package, but witness the same problem when pushing to this code locally, I haven’t seen the error. My first thought is a bundling issue, which is disturbing, but hoping I made another deployment mist

  • mingle
    meteor meteorite
    I’ve installed webshot package and meteor webshot smart package from: the directory pacages/webshot/lib/webshot.js there is definition of WEBSHOT object. In the default meteor application I want to use this object to get the snapshot as show in the second step from the link above:{ ‘click input’ : function () {var _image = “myscreenshot.png”;var _res = WEBSHOT.snap(“”, “public/exports~/” + _image, {screenSize:

  • Arvind Ravi
    javascript node.js meteor meteorite
    I get the following exception/error upon mrt add router :-events.js:74throw TypeError(‘Uncaught, unspecified “error” event.’);^ TypeError: Uncaught, unspecified “error” TypeError (<anonymous>)at WebSocket.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:74:15)at Receiver.self._receiver.onerror (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/meteorite/node_modules/ddp/node_modules/ws/lib/WebSocket.js:566:10)at Receiver.error (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/meteorite/node_modules/ddp/node_modules/ws/lib/Receiver.js:301:8)at

  • Mike Graf
    open-source meteor meteorite
    One of the benefits of open source projects is that you can open up the code, see what it does and even modify it to help you understand under the hood.How can I modify the base code of meteor(ite) so that I can insert my own console log statements to view how the code is working? I run my application as a meteorite app ( mrt )Things I have tried but have not got working:* editing my .meteor source tree* editing my .meteorite source tree* editing the /myApp/.meteor/local/buildAdditional details

  • Dave
    node.js meteor meteorite
    I need to allow the user of my app to download a file with Meteor. Currently what I do is when the user requests to download a file I enter into a “fileRequests” collection in Mongo a document with the file location and a timestamp of the request and return the ID of the newly created request. When the client gets the new ID it imediately goes to I then use something like this to intercept the request before Meteor does:var connect = Npm.require(“connect”); var Fiber =

  • Rui Jarimba
    deployment heroku meteorite
    I am trying to upload the telescope project to Heroku. I’ve tried to upload it with the meteorite buildpack and it doesn’t not work. It says that I have to reinstall fibers.I can’t reinstall fibers on heroku because the meteorite buildpack does all the work.I’ve also tried to bundle it manually and I create the ProcFile and the package.json and set the config var ROOT_URL and MONGOHQ_URL. I’ve deployed everything and I get this error TypeError: Cannot call method ‘indexOf’ of undefined2013-06-1

  • wackazong
    meteor meteorite
    I have a template which is a simple edit form. The _id of the document to be edited comes in a session variable (set by mini-pages from the URL: In the Template.editForm.createdfunction I try to get the correponding document from the collection using ItemCollection.findOne({_id:_id}). The _id is set correctly in all cases.When I navigate to and debug the created function, ItemCollection.findOne()returns undefined, although there a

  • madsmao
    meteor meteorite
    I’ve recently built and launched this page: http://www.thaiestatenetwork.comIt works great in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and even IE10, but in IE8 and 9 all I get is a blank page.I’ve read through post here on SO about similar issues and based on that I’ve tried this:going over my templates in an attempt to find DOM errors. Tried setting position:static on html and body commented out @font-face in my CSS (since I was getting an error in IE on BrowserStack related to @font-face) Checked for potentia

  • jptsetung
    login meteor accounts meteorite
    I’ve found this on github that shows how to add github login to the accounts. of installing the package with “mrt add accounts-github”, I’m downloading the sources, and trying to make them work with a simple app. The goal of this is to make a few changes to the code to understand how it works and finally make my own extension to accounts.But I get errors “Cannot read property ‘github’ of undefined at app/accounts-github/github_common.js:1:36”.Th

  • Fallexe
    meteor vagrant atmosphere meteorite
    Using Vagrant ssh on Windows 7, mrt add scss (as an example) displays the following in the console:vagrant@vagrant:/vagrant/MyMeteorApp$ mrt add scss scsstag: binding.symlink(preprocessSymlinkDestination(destination, type),^ Error: UNKNOWN, unknown error ‘/vagrant/MyMeteorApp/packages/scss’at Object.fs.symlinkSync (fs.js:730:18)at /usr/local/lib/node_modules/meteorite/lib/dependencies/package.js:129:10at /usr/local/lib/node_mod