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  • JMaylin
    jquery angularjs jsonp angularjs-service
    I would like to request the Dailymotion API with the $http service of AngularJS, but it doesn’t seem to work like in jQuery.var url = ‘,audience,onair&ids=xzttq2_c,xrw2w0’;Request using jQueryjQuery.ajax({type: ‘GET’,url: url,dataType: ‘jsonp’,success: function(data) {console.log(‘Success’, data);},error: function(data) {console.log(‘Error’, data);} });ResultWith jQuery, it’s work fine. I don’t have to use a callback.Success Object {page: 1, limit

  • Oleg Tikhonov
    angularjs angularjs-directive angularjs-service ajax-upload
    I have followed the following tutorial in order to integrate the notorious bluimp jQuery file uploader in my AngularJS project.After some research I found that in the options array, witihn the jquery.fileuploader.js file, there is an option called autoUpload, which when set to true upload the file automatically. I tried to disable it(false, undefined), but quickly I learned out that this causes the upload not to function at all, not even on the form submit.I need to trigger the upload manually,

  • Georgi Angelov
    angularjs angularjs-directive angularjs-service jsplumb angularjs-controller
    Here is the idea:So I am trying to use an external library function to create some manipulation in the DOM in one of my controllers that my ng-repeat is connected to. Newest jsFiddle working but … basically I got it to work with @BrandonTilley’s help but I am trying to avoid using $timeout as I don’t think that it is a viable solution but a hack.New fiddle with the help of @BrandonTilleyadded onload listener and also I am trying to get the new elem

  • Parv Sharma
    angularjs angularjs-service angularjs-controller
    This is my first learning project for angular js. i have created a controller(EditEventsController) and a service(eventData). Code for the EditEventController is’user strict’ eventsApp.controller(“EditEventController”,function EditEventController($scope,eventData) {$scope.saveEvent = function (event, newEventForm, eventData) {if (newEventForm.$valid) {;}}});and that of the eventData service is eventsApp.factory(‘eventData’, function ($q, $resource) {var resource = $resource(

  • user517406
    angularjs angularjs-scope angularjs-service
    I have a UserAddController and I want to be able to access a list of countries returned by a Web API. The Web API returns data fine. Here is my app.js where I get the data :app.factory(‘Country’, function ($resource) {return $resource(“/api/country/:Id”,{ Id: “@Id” },{ “update”: { method: “PUT” } }); });This is my Controller :var UserAddController = function ($scope, $location, service, User) {$scope.action = “Add”;$scope.countries = service.countries;};I am declaring and creating a service

  • Gregra
    angularjs angularjs-scope angularjs-service
    I know this issue has been asked several times in stackoverflow, but I couldn’t find a proper answer.What I need to achieve is to be able to initiate some asynchronous call in one controller and when the result returns update the $scope in some other controller.I understand that I should use a shared service that actually does the $http stuff, but I can’t manage to update the other controller scope.Here is my code:View<div class=”screens” ng-controller=”framesController”><div class=”scr

  • Thad Peiffer
    javascript angularjs promise angularjs-service
    So we all know that ‘this’ is a tricky keyword in JavaScript, and anonymous functions and AngularJS promises make it even trickier.QUESTION (TL&DR Version)What is the right (and angular) way to allow promise callbacksto use the same “this” as the service that initiated the request? See this fiddle for an example: of these methods on the controller calls off to the Tier1Service. Tier1Service then calls off to the WorkerService to get data. When the data

  • anilCSE
    angularjs wait angularjs-service
    I am using some data which is from a RESTful service in multiple pages. So I am using angular factories for that. So, I required to get the data once from the server, and everytime I am getting the data with that defined service. Just like a global variables. Here is the sample:var myApp = angular.module(‘myservices’, []);myApp.factory(‘myService’, function($http) {$http({method:”GET”, url:”/my/url”}).success(function(result){return result;}); });In my controller I am using this service as:func

  • C M
    javascript angularjs angularjs-directive angularjs-service angularjs-controller
    My AngularJS app requires some metadata from the server before it can initialize the controller and a handful of directives. I have a service to return the data but have been unable to get the controller and directives to wait for the data. myapp.factory(“db”,[“$http”,function($http) {var db = {};db.metadata = function(callback){$http.jsonp(“/db/?f=metadata&callback=JSON_CALLBACK”).success(function(data){callback(data);}).error(function(error){console.log(error);});}…return db; }]);var m

  • j_walker_dev
    javascript angularjs angularjs-directive angularjs-service angular-resource
    I am trying to make resource calls to multiple endpoints with the same instantiated object. Methods that use a prototype resource method do change the endpoint, but the @id fails to extract. id is for sure a property on the object, if i do a regular model.$get, it works. I appreciate any help, i’m hoping the comments in the code will better help explain.admin.controller(‘ModelController’, [‘$scope’, ‘Model’, function($scope, Model) {// first call to instantiate the models with the default resour

  • user1093077
    angularjs angularjs-service
    When using an AngularJS service to try and pass data between two controllers, my second controller always receives undefined when trying to access data from the service. I am guessing this is because the first service does a $window.location.href and I’m thinking this is clearing out the data in the service? Is there a way for me to change the URL to a new location and keep the data persisted in the service for the second controller? When I run the code below the alert in the second controller i

  • callmekatootie
    angularjs angularjs-service
    I have the following service declared:app.factory(‘data’, [‘$http’, function ($http) {var dataRecords = {};//Retrieve the entries from the data file and categorize them according//to the information types located in the overview page$http.get(‘data.json’).success(function (records) {//Fill the dataRecords variable});return {get: function () {return dataRecords;},setNew: function (newRecords) {dataRecords = newRecords;}};}]);As can be seen, using $http I fetch the data from the data.json file. No

  • OpherV
    javascript angularjs angularjs-service
    I have a repeater that renders gridBlocks. Each of these blocks has a property for “Vote Good”, “Vote Bad” or “No vote” (for our purpose). This property controls, among other things, the CSS class of the block.The data structure for the user vote is accessed via userService, which exposes methods for updating the votes, doing the ajax calls etc.My problem is this:I’m setting the voteClass property in the scope of each specific block via a call to the userService. I would like to watch this prop

  • RickCigarette
    angularjs angularjs-routing angularjs-service
    I have specific viewing states that I want users to be able to link to.I’m trying to route a controller to a specific state of the page when a user goes to http://localhost:3000/resource/#!/1 My configuration is:$routeProvider.when(‘/:memberId’, {controller: ‘MemberDetailsCtrl’});$locationProvider.html5Mode(false).hashPrefix(‘!’);I’ve been experimenting a lot and it seems like $route is undefined until all the scopes are done generating. That means I can’t execute$http.get(‘/resource/’ + $route.

  • Matthew Canty
    arrays angularjs angularjs-service basket angularjs-controller
    Please have a look at the following Plunker project. I want to keep a list of items in a service which multiple controllers can access. In this example when you select a surname it will come up in the list. However if you set a second name the list is cleared. I just cabn’t figure out the logic in the $scope.$watchUsers should also be able to select the “please choose” option to remove the name from the list. Then you should see a list of all items which have a last name selected. As in the imag

  • Georgi Angelov
    angularjs angularjs-service
    I have a factory with several different methods and I am trying to declare an object that has an array nested in it. That one nested array will be the main driving force for my app and it will have nested arrays as well(many more). However, I do want the nested array to stay nested in that one object. I tried the following but I keep getting error that myObject is is‘myService’, function() {return {myobject: {name: “MockName”, version: “1”, myArray: []},addToArray: functio

  • vzhen
    angularjs angularjs-service
    This is my factory code. The callback is async so i put it under $rootScope.safeApply(). Then I call console.log(authService.authUser) in my controller but it still return undefined when user logged in. But it is find if user not login and will show ‘not login’ in console. Any idea?myapp.factory(‘authService’, [‘$rootScope’, function($rootScope) {var auth = {};$rootScope.safeApply = function(fn) {var phase = this.$root.$$phase;if (phase == ‘$apply’ || phase == ‘$digest’) {if(fn && (type

  • Georgi Angelov
    angularjs angularjs-service jsplumb
    So I am trying to connect two elements that are created using angularjs by the user, with a curved line and I am getting this error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘parentNode’ of undefined – AngularJS and jsPlumb connectA function in my service//this function adds a new object to the array of objects in sourceObject function addNewDiv(sourceObject) {console.log(‘added a new subquestion’);sourceObject.children.push({id: ‘q-‘+counter, anchor: ‘a-‘+counter});counter++;//return the newly

  • amss
    angularjs requirejs angularjs-service
    I have integrated requirejs with my angular app. But while loading app, it gives me an error ‘Argument ‘appCtrl’ is not a function, got undefined’Here is my controller code : define([‘Angular’], function (angular) {function appCtrl($scope, pathServices) {alert(‘sa’);}function homeCtrl($scope, brandService) {console.log(‘dfd’);} });And along with this, it gives error for ‘unknown provider pathServices’Service code is : serviceConfig.jsdefine([‘Angular’,’common/Services/services’,’current/js/serv

  • artworkad ?
    angularjs angularjs-service
    I am dealing with user objects. My service file:angular.module(‘UserService’,[‘ngResource’]).factory(‘User’, function($resource){var User = $resource(‘/api/users/:id’,{ list: { method: ‘GET’ },lock: { method: ‘PATCH’ }}); return User; });The listing of users works well<div ng:controller=”UserController”><ul><li ng-repeat=”user in users”><a ng:click=”select(user)”>{{user.first_name}} {{user.last_name}}</a></li></ul> </div>And the project file:var

  • nicholas
    angularjs angularjs-service
    Is it possible to get an angular js service into the global scope to use in the JS Debugging console? What I’m going for is some very low tech, quick and dirty, testing. Something like:var myService = angular.injector().get(‘myService’); myService.doSomething();and have it do something. But I keep getting Error: Unknown provider: myServiceProvider <- myService