get online friends C# facebook.dll-Collection of common programming errors

Well, Facebook requires an authentication token. That variable is usually assigned by those Key and Secret request. Without the proper authentication or application being accepted by the Facebook user it won’t work.

The reason I mention that Token is because the UID is usually the numbers after a profile or application identifier like so:

I’m not sure what step you’re on but:

You have to create an application that utilizes the Application ID, and Application Secret. Without that token, you can’t actually access Facebook.


Will need to go in your app.config.

Now inside of Facebook:

var fb = new FacebookClient(this.AccessToken);
dynamic result = fb.Post("me/feed", new { message = 
     "My second wall post using Facebook C# SDK" });

You’ll have access.

The UID is basically the Application ID or User ID your trying to identify. That is why you keep receiving that error. You don’t have a valid session to physically access it.

Hopefully that helps.